Almost forgot . . .

I almost forgot to announce the winners for the Blog Candy from the Getting Cricky Thank Fall Blog Hop!  I decided to do TWO winners, so I used to generate the winning number, and then counted that number from the start and from the end of the list of people who entered to get the two winners.  Here is the funny thing . . . they both have the same first name, just a different spelling!

The winners are 


from Tami’s Craft Connection



I have sent both of you ladies an email so that I can get your information and get your Custom Crops gift certificate out to you!


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  1. I don't know whether to shout "YaHoo" or be a little more dignified and say "thank you very much Shawn" so take your pick. I'm thrilled either way!

  2. Wowzers!!! Yipee yo ki-yay! Hallelujah!!! What a HUGE blessing!!! This is beyond words for me—Thank you thank you thank you!! i just noticed, too—-my last name begins with B., too:) Go figure!!!!
    I am setting up a blog this week—-HUGE cyber hugs!!! and thanks again!!!
    Be blessed…………………beyond measure

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