Any baseball fans out there?

I am not a baseball fan, but my husband and daughter did go to a baseball game yesterday and that got me thinking about baseball themed crafts.  If you have a baseball fan in the family, wouldn’t some of these ideas make for a GREAT baseball themed party?  (none of these are my creations . . . just sharing the great work of others that I have found)

I love these cupcakes!  How cute, but easy to do!  Plain white frosting and red candies . . . done.

Need something to store those treasured baseball memories in?  How about this . . . get a round hat box, paint it white and add the baseball stitching.  

Do you have any baseball crafts that you have created?  Leave a comment with a link to your creations.


  1. OMGoodness!!! Those cupcakes are adorable!! I'm passing that onto my friend Angela for her son's baseball team!

    Here is a baseball card I made for that friend's son not too long ago!


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