scam scammer spot a scam fraud scams

I have seen way too many scam examples in the crafting world recently. Because of this, I decided to dedicate this page of my site to some tips to help protect you from a scammer. First some history Long before my crafting site, I had another website where I spoke about scams and fraud awareness […]

Cricut Layer

Cricut Layer Cricut Multi color image

If you are confused or overwhelmed by the idea of how to layer with your Cricut then you are in the right place. I will break down the steps and help you with this Cricut layer guide! Each Color is it’s own Cricut Layer Think of images in colors. Each color in the image will […]

Vinyl for Cricut

Vinyl for Cricut vinyl

There are a lot of different types of vinyl for Cricut crafting projects. Each type of vinyl is used for a different purpose so it is important that you are using the correct vinyl for the project you are making. I am also going to share some info on finding the best prices on the […]

Prime Day Deals 2021

Teach Me Cricut Design Space Shawn Mosch Class crafting supplies craft essentials

If you are looking for Prime Day deals for crafting or for anything really, let me help you out with some of my favorite picks! Prime Day Deals on Cricut Products Prime Day Deals for Making Shirts If you have been thinking of getting into making shirts with your Cricut here are some must have […]

Bullet Journaling

Bullet Journaling

Bullet Journaling 101: Start Your Own Bullet Journal at Home Today we have a guest blog post from Maria Jose Meneses of Bullet journals are satisfying to look at and even more satisfying to create. Bullet journaling is an excellent tool for people with busy minds and busier schedules, because it allows you to […]