Ba Da Bing

Wanna know what Ba Da Bing  is all about and why you might want to join Cara Miller (and maybe me) on this adventure?  

Below is a description of what Ba Da Bing 

is all about from Cara Miller

Digital scrapbooks can be very intricate and gorgeous multi layered and embellished images … or they can be clean and simple photos that tell your story and share your photos or a bit of both!  I have been intimidated by the talents of some digital scrapbooks!  But then I remembered that these are my scrapbooks and getting the photos out of folders and boxes was my goal.  

The look of the Project Life pages seemed to fit my plans.  Simple, graphic, and I love anything miniature.  I see each spot on the layout as an opportunity to create mini layouts if I want!  

And they all come together to create the full page.  

Cara’s Ba Da Bing month long class will start at the very beginning….using Photoshop Elements 11 thirty day free trial. We will start by downloading and installing the free trial…the very beginning.  

I promise this is not scary and 

Cara will not let you get frustrated by this technology. 

Wanna know more?  

Join me tonight at 8 pm EASTERN 

for a free preview of 

Ba Da Bing Scrapbooks

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