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Best Fonts

I get a lot of people asking me what are the best fonts to use for their specific crafting project. My answer to this is that you should pick fonts you like, or if you are making the project for a customer use fonts that they like. There is no one perfect or best font for every project. I even have information on this site to help you find places to get free fonts.

That being said, there ARE some fonts that are very popular and tend to be used in a lot of crafting projects. Some of these fonts are free, but others have to be purchased. When you purchase a font, make sure to see if you are also getting the commercial use license for the font, especially if you plan to sell anything you create with it. You don’t want to break any copyright laws.

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Finding and Installing Fonts to use with Cricut Design Space

Before we go into some of the most popular or best fonts out there, I want to talk about where you can find these fonts. There are several different sites dedicated to providing fonts for people to use. There are some in Cricut Design Space. Many of the fonts in Design Space require you to purchase them, or be a member of the Access subscription membership. Personally, I like to use some of the free font sites like DaFont. Other free font sites include 1001 Free Fonts and Font Space.

Creative Fabrica is another amazing resource for fonts. This site has both free fonts and fonts you can purchase. Make sure to read the information to see if the font includes the commercial use license.

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Best Fonts Resources

There are way too many websites that provide fonts, either for free or for purchase for me to list them all here. Instead I am going to list some of my favorites or most popular resources here. If you know of others, please leave a comment on this post and if enough people recommend a site I will add it to the list.

To make things easy for you, I will link to each font that I talk about. That way you can just click on the name of the font to go to the site to download it.

Installing Fonts

Once you find the font that you want to use, you need to download it from the site and then install it to the device you are working on. This means if you want to work with the same font on your computer, iPad and phone you need to install it to all three of those devices. After you install them to the device, the next time you open Cricut Design Space you will see the font under your System Fonts. If they do not show up right away, close Cricut Design Space and re-open it.

If you have never installed a font before, make sure to look up how to do that for the device you are working with. Different operating systems will follow different steps. I have videos on this process on my YouTube channel. You can find the one for how I install fonts on my computer HERE and then one for how to install a font on an iPad HERE.

Specific Fonts

If you see a project and fall in love with the font being used in that project, there are some places you can go to help you determine the name of that font. Two that I have used are What The Font and Font Finder. These sites will allow you to upload an image that includes a font in it, and then it will scan and analyze the image and try to determine the name of the font for you.

Basic Fonts

Sometimes all you need are letters in a basic simple font that is easy to read. That is when fonts like Chicken Quiche are nice to have in your collection. Nothing fancy just nice bold and clear letters.

fonts best fonts font

Best Fonts with Flourishes and Glyphs

Have you ever noticed that some fonts are really fancy looking? These are the fonts that have flourishes or swirls that attach to the letters of the font. Those flourishes and swirls are called glyphs. The image below is an example of glyphs.

fonts best fonts font

To add the glyphs to your font, you will type in different items like a parentheses, brackets or backslashes. What keystroke each glyph is tied to can be found on the character map. On my computer I go to Start and type in Character Map to find this option. Most fonts will also include this information in a separate page or image you can save to preview the glyphs.

These specific glyphs are from the Samantha Font sold bey Creative Fabrica. This font is very popular because of how you can personalize it with all of those fun swirls coming off the letters. Normally this font sells for $75 but Creative Fabrica is going to have a Black Friday Sale starting November 26th, 2021 and Samantha will be on sale for just $7!

fonts best fonts font

Another popular font is I Love Glitter, which includes some cute little hearts that you can insert between words. This font is most associated with the Knockout Text projects, which you can see HERE.

knockout text tutorial
Example of the I Love Glitter font in a Knockout Text Project

Another very popular font is Yessy, due to all of the different heart embellishment options that come with it. I think this one would be a great font for one simple word or name so that you can really allow the glyphs to be the main focus and not a distraction.

fonts best fonts font

Best Fonts with Thin Letters

When the Rae Dunn style products became very popular, so did the fonts with thin letters. This allowed crafters to create items that resembled the Ran Dunn products at a much more affordable price. Fonts like Blessed fit into that category.

fonts best fonts font

Another example of a thin letter font is called The Skinny. I used that font on a coffee mug project that I created, and I picked it specifically to show how using a stencil for thin fonts produced a better finished project then trying to apply vinyl in thin letters.


Best Fonts in Script Style

Script style fonts are those that mimic handwriting. The letters are connected, or kerned, so that you can cut these as one long word and not separate individual letters. The Handmade font below is a perfect example of this.

fonts best fonts font

Another nice script font is Cream Cake. I even love the name of it! To me this is a classic look that could work for a variety of projects. Simple and to the point, not too thin or too thick. Just kind of perfect, like cream cake should be.

fonts best fonts font

If you are looking for a script font that has a more brushstroke style, you should check out Faith and Glory. There is something so natural and organic about this font, the way the letters flow and how you can see the brush strokes in the letters, almost as if they were created with a paintbrush.

fonts best fonts font

Best Fonts for Sport Projects

If you are working on a sports project, like adding names to a jersey, you are probably looking for a font like Varsity Alphabet. This is a very bold and blocky font, which resembles the font style typically used on sport apparel. I like that this one has a thin outline around all of the letters.

fonts best fonts font

For a slight variation on the sports lettering font, Stacked Sport is a nice choice. This gives you the same bold blocky lettering, but it splits that thin line so it is repeated above and below the actual font.

fonts best fonts font

Another font that always makes me think of sports, specifically baseball, is the Groovy Font shown below, due to the little swashes that extend from the last letter in the word and swish under the word.

fonts best fonts font

Best Fonts with Graphics

Did you know that there are some fonts out there that use graphics, symbols and shapes in place of the traditional letter and number characters? These are called Dingbat fonts. There are so many amazing Dingbat fonts out there that I did an entire post on the topic HERE. Below is a preview of a Disney Dingbat font I used.

free dingbat font from Dafont

Best Fonts for Writing

I think that I am going to end up doing one blog post totally dedicated to writing style fonts, as this seems to be a hot topic. Many crafters want to use their Cricut pens to write out sentiments on cards. If you are using fonts from Cricut Design Space you must make sure to use a writing style font. If you do not know how to find a writing style font, I have information on that HERE.

Writing style fonts are designed to mimic a single pen stroke. These will always be the best fonts to use with your pens. If you try to change a cutting style font to be drawn with the pen, you will often get a bubbled or hollowed out font. This is because the Cricut pen and blade will follow the same path. It is only the function of what the Cricut does with that path, draw/write or cut, that changes.

I started to look outside of Design Space and I was able to find the font in the image below, which is called Single Line Alphabets. The key words to look for when trying to find the best fonts for writing would be single line or single pen stroke fonts. Often fonts that are advertised as handwriting fonts would fall more into the grouping of script fonts and not a writing style font.

fonts best fonts font

I have not personally used this next font, Always Here, but it was suggested to me as a good writing style font. I have to be honest, when I first saw it, I thought it would have gone into the Thin Letter font group, but then I was shown an example of how the writing looks with the Cricut pens, and I was happy to see it really was a single pen stroke font.

fonts best fonts font

For even MORE ways to find free writing style fonts, you can head over to my fellow crafting blogger at Crafting Spree!

Best Fonts for Halloween

There are even fonts out there for specific holidays! I had to include this Halloween Cobwebs one since I think this is the perfect way to add a spooky accent to any Halloween project!

fonts best fonts font

Best Fonts for Christmas

There are even font for specific holidays, like Christmas. Many Christmas fonts could fit into the Fancy Font or Script Font category, but since they have the word Christmas right in the name of the font I decided to give them their own category. Christmas Kindness would be a beautiful font o use for a holiday sign, since the letters are nice and bold, but still have a little bit of a fun curved accent on some letters.

fonts best fonts font

Wonderful Christmas is a wonderful scrolling script font that just makes me think of those classic holiday movies. Something about it just feels festive.

fonts best fonts font

Best Fonts to match a Theme

Sometimes you might be looking for a font that matches a theme for a project. For example, maybe you want to use a font that looks like the lettering from the Harry Potter movies. A fellow crafting blogger has put together a list of some of the most requested fonts by theme that you can check out HERE.

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