Cricut Machines

Comparing Cricut Machines

The main reason that I am writing this is because I found an article comparing Cricut machines that was not totally accurate. When I find false or misleading information I like to make sure that my readers have a source where they can get the correct information. If you are reading any article comparing Cricut

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Cricut Projects for Beginners

If you are getting started with your Cricut, you are probably looking for some good Cricut projects for beginners. As you create your first few projects, pay attention to the functions that you use to create the project. Once you understand the functions of Design Space you can create anything you can imagine. When you

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Print then cut Cricut

Cricut Print then Cut Troubleshooting

I get a lot of questions from people about some of the errors and problems that they have with their Cricut Print then Cut projects, so I thought I would share my Cricut Print then Cut troubleshooting tips with you. First, make sure you understand the difference between a Cut only project and Print then

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cricut cut more than one color on mat

Cut Multiple Colors One Mat

Have you ever seen someone cut multiple colors of material on one mat with their Cricut, and wondered how in the world they did that. Today I am going to show you how this is achieved! Snap Mat The first way to do this is using Snap Mat, which is a feature only found on

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Cricut holographic decal

Making Decals with your Cricut

Today let’s look at making decals with your Cricut! This is a great way to personalize things like tumblers. Decals are also a great way to decorate a laptop. You can also use this same method for creating car decals. Today I am going to be making decals with my Cricut to put on a

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draw with cricut pen

Draw on a Gift Bag with your Cricut

Did you know that you can draw with Cricut pens on items, like a gift bag, with your Cricut? I have shown you how to use the Cricut pens to write on things like cards. Now let’s look at how we can draw with Cricut pens. We will also look at how to place that

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