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knockout text tutorial

Knockout Text

Today I am going to show you a project that combines using the Offset and Slice features in Design Space. Typically these are called knockout text projects, since you will be knocking out our removing a portion of the design to draw more emphasis to a portion of the text. You can see in the

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multiple colors one mat Cricut tutorial

Multiple Colors One Mat Cricut

Here is a fun little Cricut tip that can save you time when cutting an image with multiple layers. This multiple colors one mat Cricut tutorial will help you save time so you don’t have to load and unload the mat several times for one image. SnapMat Video The mobile app of Cricut Design Space

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Free Cricut font

Free Cricut Font

When you are creating projects with your Cricut picking the right font for the project is very important.  If you are anything like me, you like to use free fonts.  So let me show you how to find a free Cricut font. First off, we are going to take a look at the fonts already

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Disney Cricut images and fonts

Disney Cricut

If you know me you know that there are a couple of things I love to talk about, including Disney and crafting. Today I want to talk to you specifically about copyright laws in relationship to our Disney Cricut crafts. Whether you craft as a hobby or if you are crafting as a part of

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copyright law Cricut craft

Copyright Law

Why am I talking about copyright law on a crafting blog? As crafters, we use images and saying in our projects. Whether we are using those images for personal use or for commercial use, we should have a basic knowledge of trademark and copyright law. Since I am not an expert in this topic I

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offset in Cricut Design Space

Offset in Cricut Design Space

If you are a Cricut user you are going to be very excited about the most recent update. You can now add a shadow or offset in Cricut Design Space to your fonts, shapes and images. What is Offset? Before I get into explaining how to use the new Offset feature in Cricut Design Space,

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