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how to fill color in any Cricut font

Cricut Font

Have you ever used a Cricut font with the pens and wondered why the Cricut only draws the outline of the letters? If so then you are in the right place! This Cricut hack will work for any Cricut font or Systems Font that you have on your computer. When you talk about Cricut Fonts,

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Disney Easter Egg Holder Cricut

Easter Egg Holder

Paper Easter egg holders are an adorable way to display your display your decorated eggs, or you can use them as a way to gift the candy Easter eggs. First I am going to share with you some resources for getting a variety of Easter egg holder svg files. Then, because I am a Disney

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Kcup holder project svg Cricut

Kcup Holder

Do you know a coffee lover? I think almost everyone knows at least one! Give them the gift of coffee with this kcup holder. I will show you how you can customize a kcup holder svg file with your Cricut. You could do this for a variety of holidays and events. This is one of

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layered 3D mandala

Layered 3D Mandala

I have been wanting to create a layered 3D mandala project for a while, but since I am a Disney fan I knew I wanted it to have a Disney element to it. There are a lot of beautiful circular layered 3D mandala svg files available for free or for purchase, and since Mickey Mouse

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Valentine's Day Craft valentine crafts

Valentine’s Day Craft

Are you looking for a great Valentine’s Day craft project? I want to show you a collection of projects I have made over the years, that would all be perfect for Valentine’s Day, or any time of the year that you want to show someone how much they mean to you! With all of these

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Unicorn SVG Lollipop Holder

Unicorn SVG

If you are looking for a fun papercraft project this unicorn svg that holds a lollipop might be just what you need! These are a great item to hand out at a party, and if this specific lollipop holder does not work for you, I am sure you can find one that matches the theme

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