Cricut Monogram Maker

Cricut Monogram Maker monogram tool

Monogramming is a great way to personalize a variety of items. In May of 2022, the new Cricut Monogram Maker tool was launched. This addition to the Cricut Design Space software will allow you to more quickly and easily design your own custom monograms. What is Monogramming? Monogramming is simply adding a person’s initials to […]

Cricut Card Mat

New Cricut Card Mat for Explore and Maker

In 2020, Cricut launched the Joy machine. At the Launch Party one of the benefits of the Joy that was showcased was the new Cricut Card Mat, which allowed you to place a pre-folded card into the mat and the Cricut would only cut through the top panel of the card. The idea behind this […]

Cricut engraving tool

Cricut engraving tool

I am so excited to share this Cricut engraving tool with you! This tool is for the Cricut Explore machine, so that you can engrave on acrylic and metal. This is great for people who own a Cricut Explore machine and are not yet ready to upgrade to the Maker just to get the Cricut […]

Cricut Font

how to fill color in any Cricut font

Have you ever used a Cricut font with the pens and wondered why the Cricut only draws the outline of the letters? If so then you are in the right place! This Cricut hack will work for any Cricut font or Systems Font that you have on your computer. When you talk about Cricut Fonts, […]

How to Slice on Cricut

How to Slice on Cricut Projects

I think it is really important to start off by learning some of the functions of Design Space. One of the most common questions I get is people asking how to slice on Cricut projects. If you are asking yourself that same question then this is the tutorial for you! For this project I am […]