Calibrate your Cricut

when should you calibrate your Cricut

You might be wondering, when should you calibrate your Cricut machine. You might be surprised to know that there are really only three times you need to even worry about calibration. What does calibrate your Cricut mean? Calibration in a Cricut machine involves ensuring the machine’s cutting blade is correctly aligned with the design on […]

Cutting wood with Cricut Maker

Cutting Wood with Cricut Maker

Creating projects with wood sounds like a great DIY project. Many crafters are purchasing machine specifically for cutting wood. If you are thinking about cutting wood with Cricut Maker, or any Cricut machine, there is some information you need to know! You might have come to read this article because you saw the beautiful photo […]

Downloading Cricut Design Space

downloading Cricut Design Space

Do you need help downloading Cricut Design Space? At the heart of what I do, I am a problem solver! I love to help people understand how to use Cricut Design Space, and that is why I am going back to basics with my next few articles. Before Downloading Cricut Design Space Ensure your device […]

Pop Up Birthday Cake Card

pop up birthday cake card

I love to make cards and pop up cards add an additional level of fun!  For this pop up birthday cake card I am going to show you how you can easily create the template in Cricut Design Space.  If you do not own a Cricut you could follow along and cut this with just […]

Cricut Venture

Cricut Venture

Could Cricut be launching a new wide format cutting machine called the Cricut Venture? If you have not heard, there is a Cricut Event going on July 18, 2023. There has been a lot of speculation about what will be going on at the event. Well, I think I figured out what the big news […]