Layered 3D Mandala

layered 3D mandala

I have been wanting to create a layered 3D mandala project for a while, but since I am a Disney fan I knew I wanted it to have a Disney element to it. There are a lot of beautiful circular layered 3D mandala svg files available for free or for purchase, and since Mickey Mouse […]

Sublimation Mug

sublimation mug sublimation examples sublimation designs

Sublimation is the process of infusing ink right into the product you are applying the image too. I will show you how some sublimation examples, including a sublimation mug. Sublimation Definition I am going to go right to the source for this one, and take the definition right out of the dictionary and look up […]

Split Letter Monogram

Cricut split letter monogram how to how to slice on Cricut

A split letter monogram can be a beautiful piece of artwork for your home, and can make an wonderful gift to give. They typically created with a gap or split in the middle of a letter, with a straight line at the top and bottom of that split, with a family name placed between those […]

Spotify Glass Art

Spotify glass art Taylor Swift

Have you seen the Spotify glass art projects that are trending right now? I have seen several different tutorials on these, but I had not jumped into making one for myself until my daughter wanted some for her and her friends. I am in no way claiming that my version of this Spotify inspired project […]

Valentine’s Day Home Decor

Valentine's day sign Cricut

If you are looking to make Valentine’s Day Home Decor items with your Cricut then this project is perfect for you! Supplies: You can click on the supplies list below to purchase these items Wooden Heart Blank Holographic Vinyl – I am using a brand from Sponge Brush Acrylic Paint Paint Your Heart My […]