Label Printer for DIY Projects

label printer for DIY projects cake topper gift tag sticker label

Did you know that you can use your Label Printer for DIY Projects? Learn 40 Ways to use a label printer for DIY projects! From cupcake toppers to gift tags, I will show you some unique ways to use your label printer! For all of the ideas I share with you, I will be using […]

How to make stickers

how to make stickers Munbyn sticker machine

If you are looking into how to make stickers have you thought about getting a label and sticker machine? I just got my MUNBYN label printer, and I want to give you my review of it! If you are like me, the idea of a label maker might bring back memories of those handheld devices […]

Rolled Paper Flowers

rolled paper flowers Flowtool

Have you tried making rolled paper flowers? While they might look easy, I have always found that my rolled paper flowers never turn out as good as the ones I see online. That is why I was excited to try the new Flowtool that is specifically created to help make projects with rolled paper flowers […]

Paper Backpack

Loungefly Inspired Paper Backpack craft paper gift bag

Sometimes I get an idea in my head and I just have to see if I can make it a reality, like this paper backpack project! Like many people, my daughter and I love the Loungefly backpacks, especially the Disney themed ones, so that was the inspiration behind this project. As I mentioned, I have […]

Layered 3D Mandala

layered 3D mandala

I have been wanting to create a layered 3D mandala project for a while, but since I am a Disney fan I knew I wanted it to have a Disney element to it. There are a lot of beautiful circular layered 3D mandala svg files available for free or for purchase, and since Mickey Mouse […]