Sunburst Scrapbook Layout


I am in a Scrapbook Layout group on Facebook, and recently several people have been sharing a style of backgrounds for scrapbooking called Sunburst scrapbook layout.  Many of the people in the group were cutting the triangle pieces by hand or with a paper trimmer.  I thought that these layouts were a fun idea and […]

Stronger Scrapbook Layout


When I first purchased my Cricut, I was using it for scrapbooking.  Do you still scrapbook?  I am a few years behind on my books, but life got busy and I also wanted to try other crafts.  Here is a Kelly Clarkson concert scrapbook layout from when we went to see Kelly at the Mall […]

Scrapbook Cover Page


In a world saturated with digital photographs and fleeting social media updates, the allure of a physical scrapbook might seem quaint and old-fashioned. Yet, beneath its seemingly outdated veneer lies a timeless and invaluable practice that transcends the digital age – the art of creating scrapbooks. These carefully crafted compilations of memories hold a special […]

Game On


I have been neglecting my scrapbooking for a long time, and when I finally looked at where I last left off it was in 2010!!!!  Oh my!  I did not realize I was that far behind on my books. So here is a OLD photo of my son dressed up as Tails from the Sonic […]

In Honor of Finding Dory . . .


The new Pixar movie Finding Dory just came out, and in honor of that I wanted to share two projects I created using the Best Of Pixar Cricut cartridge.  One is a Finding Nemo scrapbook layout and the other is a card with Squirt. To see the full blog post for the scrapbook layout, click […]