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Chair Cover

Here is another project I did for the new house. My daughter had a chair in her room that she got several years ago, when she was into the whole pink camouflage trend.  Now that she is a teenager, she is over that look, but she still loves the chair.  Out comes my Brother sewing […]

Win a cover for your Cricut!

To celebrate National Craft Month, Lena at http://lenascrafts.blogspot.com/ is giving away a Cricut cover she made. Here is a picture of it . . . . If you would like to try to win this Cricut cover, head over to https://shawnmosch.com/2012/03/celebrating-national-craft-month-wih.html for all of the contest details!

Coffee Cozy

If you have been reading my blog in the past few days, you know that my daughter is playing hockey this year, and that I am having fun doing different craft projects with the hockey theme.  I have embroidered garment bags for their jerseys, made pins for the parents and made signs for the girls […]

Vikings Coffee Sleeve

As some of you know, I have said that the Vikings usually play better when I am scrapbooking, crafting or shopping. Here is a project I did one Sunday while my husband was watching the game. I used the cardboard sleeve that comes around the coffee cup as a pattern.  This one turned out a […]

Cricut Cozy

All of you know, I love my Cricut, but here is something that even I had not thought of . . . a Cricut Cozy! It is a great dust cover/protector for your Cricut, and you can have it match the colors of your crafting room. These are the creation of Kathy, and you can […]

Christmas Stockings

Thanksgiving is over, and the Christmas season has officially begun. Did you go out and do any shopping yesterday? Did you get the stocking stuffers? Here are the Christmas stockings that I made for my family several years ago. I actually purchased the fabric as a After Christmas sale, and then made them to use […]

Sakura costume

A few days ago I talked about the fact that my kids usually ask for more creative costumes for Halloween since they know that I can sew. After my son requested a Naruto Costume my daughter requested a Sakura Costume. Sakura is a female character in the Naruto cartoon series. For those of you not […]

Naruto costume

Since my kids know that I can sew, I never hear a request for “normal” Halloween costumes in my house like a witch, ghost, black cat or vampire. Those would all be way too easy! My kids will request things like dinosaurs, Pokémon characters (but never the ones sold in the stores) and more recently […]