Cleaning up an Image in Cricut Design Space

I am in several different Facebook groups and I see the same questions asked over and over again, so the other day I started to help some ladies in one of the groups to figure out how to do some of the things they wanted to do with their Cricut and images they found online.  I did a couple of quick videos and they were so happy that I decided to to more.

This video is going to show you how to clean up an image you find online and turn it into an image you can cut with your Cricut.  You don’t have to use this same image . . . this is just to show you the steps you would take.

I like to use a coloring book style image since those typically just have the black outline and then you just have to remove the white areas with the magic wand tool in Cricut Design Space™.  If you have a more complex image, cleaning up and removing the various colors will work but it could take more time.  It might be worth your time to try and find the same image without all of the colors already in it.

Also, if you have a photograph you want to turn into a cutting image, you can use an app to first convert that photograph to a sketch style image that has a black outline, making it even easier for you to clean it up in Design Space.

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