Cricut Valentine's Day coloring card

Coloring Card

Have you seen the Valentine’s Day coloring card that are a hot project right now? Today I am going to show you how to make them with your Cricut and give you a free svg for the card. All you have to do is add the image to color in!

valentine's day coloring card

Supplies Needed:

Start off by downloading the FREE SVG file for the Coloring Card that I created. I placed it on a Google drive for easy sharing. If you have never used a TRUE SVG file before, I would recommend reading my article about SVG files HERE.

Using a SVG file is NOT the same as using images.

When you click on the link for the Valentine’s Day coloring card svg, the screen will appear white. This is because I set the color of the svg as white. Download the file and follow the directions below and the file will work.

Download and Load the SVG File

In Cricut Design Space click on the Upload button. We are going to start the process of uploading the coloring card SVG file. In this Valentine’s Day coloring card tutorial I am showing how to do the full process on the computer version of Design Space. If you are using the mobile app of Cricut Design Space please follow the video HERE.

Upload Cricut Design Space

This will take you to the Upload screen. Pick Upload Image, as shown in the image below.

Upload Cricut Design Space

The next screen you will see will have a button called Browse. Click on that and go to your Download folder on the device you are working with. Find the file named ColoringCardShawnMosch.svg and choose that file. It will upload into Design Space ready for you to cut. All you have to do is save the file.

Upload Cricut Design Space

Valentine’s Day Coloring Card

When you bring the Valentine’s Day Coloring Card SVG into Design Space it will look like the image below. I resized mine to be 4 inches wide, which I think is a nice size. It is all ready to cut the scalloped rectangle and the holes for the coloring crayons. There is a large empty space at the top where you can add your image that you want to color in.

valentine's day coloring card

Changing an Image from Cut to Draw

Adding the image that will be coloring in is a lot like my tutorial on how to draw an image with the Cricut pens, which you can find HERE.

To start with I am going to go to the Images button in Design Space and search for an image to place on this card. I searched the word dinosaur and found this cute image and inserted him into Design Space. Right now, all of the layers are set to Cut, but we want the Cricut to draw this image, with a pen.

Dinosaur coloring card

To change this I am going to click on the Linetype on the top panel of Design Space and change that from Cut to Draw. When you do this, you will notice that all of the layers on the right now say draw. Also, the entire image of the dinosaur is now just outlines, with no colors filling in the section.

Change to draw

Look at the Layers Panel

Before we go any further, I want to take a look at the layers for this image. Since I want this image to look like a coloring book image, I do not really need the layer that is that outer most outline of the entire dinosaur. This is typically called a shadow or offset. For this project I am going to delete that layer, which is the last one on the list of layers.

If you click on that layer from the Layers Panel you can then delete just that layer. You can tell that you just have one layer selected if you look at each line of the layers panel. See how the first four layers are a light gray, but the one with the blue arrow pointing to it is a darker gray? That darker gray tells you which layer you have selected. This is a great way to focus in and edit just one layer of a grouping.

Cricut Design Space Layers

Attach the Image to the Card

Now that the dinosaur image is all set to cut, we need to place it on the card and attach it so that the Cricut will cut it in the correct place. I am going to highlight both the card and the dinosaur and use the Align tool from the top panel of Design Space.

align in Cricut Design Space

When you click on the Align button and choose Center Horizontally it will move the dinosaur so that he is PERFECTLY centered in the coloring card. I love this tool!

The last step is to select everything and click the Attach button in the lower right corner of Design Space. Attach holds the placement and position of things. When you click this you are telling the Cricut “hold that dinosaur design exactly where I centered it when you draw it”

attach in Cricut Design Space

Make It

Now when you hit Make It, the Cricut will first draw the dinosaur image and then cut the shape of the card and the holes for the crayons.

I hope that this tutorial helped you understand how to change an image from a cut image to a drawn image. Now you can create Valentine’s Day coloring cards with a variety of images.

If you found this helpful, you should join my Teach Me Cricut Design Space Facebook Group. You can ask me questions and I will share all of my best tips and tricks with you. Or if you want a more personal experience, you can join my Patreon group.

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    1. The SVG coloring card will look like a blank white page since the color of the SVG is also white. When you upload the file to Design Space is when you will see the cut lines of the file.

    1. Yes, you can but instead of setting the text to be drawn with the pens you would select the entire design and click Flatten to change it to a print then cut project. I should do a follow up video showing this option.

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