connecting on social media

Connecting with other Bloggers

I love the crafting blogging world and connecting on social media!  Because of a post on another blog, I discovered a listing of blogs of some very talented ladies.  I started to go through that list one by one to visit each ladies blog, see her work and leave a comment.  Well, one of those ladies had done Monster Google Eye Jewelry Project that I thought was SO CUTE!  Click HERE to see the post.

In my comment I mentioned that I thought a Mike Wazowski version of that necklace would be fun to make. Well, she contacted me and she made one! So click HERE to see the Mike Wazowski version of this necklace. It was also nice of her to give my blog a little shout out for the idea of this Monster Inc. neckalce.

connecting on social media

By the way, this post contains Affiliate Links to companies I have partnered with, such as Amazon. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. You can think of affiliate links like tipping your waitress, only it does not cost you anything extra! Thank you for shopping with my links!

Connecting on Social Media

This is just one example of connecting on social media and talking with other people in your industry can help make connections, and build links to your own site. Since I inspired her next project she gave me a little thank you by including a link to my site. Yes, it is a link to my old site but since I set up a redirect link when I made THIS site, the reader will still find me and really, that is the point.

I have found Facebook to be really great for this also. I have found some Facebook groups specifically for bloggers. These group allow you to see what others are doing that works, or find opportunities for collaboration. I did that with a Crochet blogger, and a Brother Scan N Cut blogger. I have also reached out to companies to showcase their products. This can sometimes help you get a shout out on their social media. Check out all of my projects using Siser EasyWeed vinyl. All of this came to life because I reached out to them and told them I loved their products and wanted to share it with my followers. This is called creating back links. It helps get your name out there to another audience when another blog or business links to you.

Facebook Groups I have used to connect

Each one of these groups have different rules, so make sure to read them and follow the rules. Some allow posting of links on specific days. Others only allow you to talk about what you main blogging topic is in order to connect with others, and then you exchange links through a private message.

Becoming a Blogger
Women Owned Business Club
Pinterest for Lady Bloggers
The Free Mama Movement
Blogging Tips
If you join any of these groups, if you do a post introducing yourself let them know you found the group from my link!

Since I have my website listed in my Facebook profile, even if I am in a group where you cannot drop links, if someone wants to find me they can click on my profile and see that link.


This would be a good time for me to drop in my social media links so that we can connect. I have these all saved in a reusable block on Wordpress. The great thing about a reusable block is that in a year, if there is a new social media link I want to add I can just edit that reusable block and it will automatically update in every post where I inserted the block.

If you find my tutorials helpful join my Facebook Group at
Teach Me Cricut Design Space Facebook Group

You can also follow me on social media, and I even have a one stop link that can connect you to me no matter what platform you are on. Just click HERE

Some of my most used social media links are also listed for you below Facebook Page and I have a group HERE

I have grown my own Teach Me Cricut Design Space group to over 9,000 members in less than 18 months. When the group first started I would make sure to welcome new members and connect with them. I think it is important when connecting on social media to really make them feel welcome and comfortable so that they will engage with you and other members of the group.

As the group grew I quickly saw what were some of the things I felt like I was repeating over and over, so I typed up what is now my official Welcome post. Once I have 50 new members, I use the built in tools in Facebook groups to welcome new members and automatically tag them in this post.

Here is what my Facebook Welcome post looks like

Welcome new members!

Make sure to check out the tutorials at and review the Teach Me Cricut Design Space document at

I also have a document specifically for working with Cricut Design Space on the iPad at

Feel free to comment here with what you want to learn next.

Please take questions that are not about Cricut Design Space to groups that specialize in those topics. For example, I cannot teach you how to make a SVG file. That is something that has to be done in Inkscape and not in Cricut Design Space.

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See how right away I feed them to where I have my tutorials in the Facebook group. Those all feed to my website or my YouTube channel. Then I send them to my site to get my free download and sign up for my newsletter. It is so great to just be able to copy and paste this Welcome post when I have new members.

Eye catching Social Media posts

Let’s be honest here, none of us have time to be on social media all date. We are trying to grow a business. At some point this blogging thing might make me enough money that I can hire someone just to manage my social media, but until then I need to create and publish my own contet. I have found some tools to help me do that.

Canva is a great way to make really professional looking images for your social media. There are pre-set templates for a variety of social media platforms. These templates already take into consideration the best size and shape for your images. If you decide to sign up with Canva for a free trial use my link. I get a little referral bonus. Just click HERE.

I recommend created a Pinterest board if you don’t already have one. Create pins for the various topics that you talk about. Then you can link those pins to go right to the article on your site. As other people see it and pin it to their board it just helps the traffic to continue to grow. You can also make a pin for your Facebook group.

Automating Social Media posts

Another great tool I have found is Tailwind and let me tell you, it is such a time saver! First, sit down and think of all of the different things you already have written about. Then, go into Canva and create beautiful pins and images. Now use Tailwind to upload those and schedule them to post automatically for you!

When I first discovered Tailwind I spent some time and probably created about 10 or 15 pins all in one day. Once you find a template and font you like, just keep going with that and change the headline and the photo. This gives a consistency to your Pinterest board. When you upload the images to Tailwind you can tell it which boards you want to pin that one image too. For example, a project about making shirts might get posted on both my Projects by Shawn and my Vinyl projects with the Cricut board. Tailwind can look at your traffic and even determine the BEST time slots to publish your pins so that they are seen by your followers. Yes, I also have a referral link for Tailwind. Click HERE.

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  1. I completely agree with you about how friendly and generous craft bloggers are! In just the few months I've been blogging, I've made so many lovely new friends around the world.
    To tie with a Disney theme….It's a Small World After All!!
    Queen Bee Paper Crafts
    My Blog Candy

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