Corner Bookmarks

I wanted to share these wonderful corner bookmarks created by my friend Ellen at CardMoney

I thought that this was just beautiful, and more fun than a traditional bookmark.

To see some of Ellen’s other creations, be sure to stop by

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  1. Dear Shawn … You're the BEST!! Thank you for the promo and connection to my blog! I've not been updating it lately, only because I've been TOTALLY SWAMPED in the Craft Loft. I am **THIS CLOSE** to signing a lease for a little PHYSICAL (REAL!!!) RETAIL SHOP in my town where I will be selling and demonstrating papercrafts, scrapbooking supplies, etc., etc. I'll be starting out small, in a new upscale marketplace, and hope to partner with a gift store and a fresh flower vendor. I've also gotten the lock on taking pics of Santa, with prints for a fee, put into a frame that I am designing. Plus I have started working on a papercrafting book that I hope to have published within 6 months. So the blog … well, as SOON as I can get there, I promise a full update!! And the FAVORITE thing I've made for my inventory are a LOT of very pretty, easy-peasy corner bookmarks! THANK YOU AGAIN for your friendship and blog-share!

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