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Now that my son has moved out, we are looking at moving my crafting supplies into his bedroom, so I have been looking at some different ways to organize and store crafting supplies.

First, I have a LOT of paper!  Years ago my husband bought me some stackable clear paper storage files. I sorted my papers by color.  These were great when my paper stash was smaller, but now that some of those bins are VERY full and the bins have a lip on the front so that the paper does not slip out, but if I am going through large stacks and pulling paper in and out I have noticed that some of the edges of papers are getting wrecked on that lip.  I think I want to switch over to a system like this for my full sheets.

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And I think I am going to need something to store my ink pads.

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I used to keep them in a decorate shoe box, but now I am using them more and more, so it might be nice to have them out where I can get at them.

Now, if I could have my “Dream Craft Room” it would include a system like THIS . . .

Does anyone have a great craft room organization tip?


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3 Responses

  1. Hey Shawn, sounds like you have your work cut out for! Check out Kate's site (My craft room) and tour her room with her video. There are also many pictures of her organizational ideas. You will get totally sick at how well she has this done!! Claire

  2. I took over my daughter's room years ago and have loved, loved, loved it! Think about: emptying closet, rod & all, and attaching shelving to the back wall. Soooo much storage. I love my ScrapRack!. I have an 8' table on one wall with a 6' table on the next wall. My computer desk & printer table take up the third wall with the last wall having the closet and a specially built cabinet of drawers at working height for my Cricut & Zip eMate. The majority of my paper is in rolling carts to pull out from under the table & follow me where I am working. I could work/play in my room for days if someone would just feed & water me. 🙂

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