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Cricut Design Space Fix

I am happy to share a Cricut Design Space fix I discovered. Since Cricut Design Space is a software program, often when there is an update to update one thing it will end up breaking something else. Why is this? Because the programmers at Cricut cannot possibly test their software for every combination of devices and operating systems out there. Plus we all have different programs and applications on our devices that might block something Design Space is trying to do..

Cricut Design Space Fix for Blank White Screen

If you are getting blank white screen on a Mac while using Cricut Design Space there was a recent update from Cricut Design Space that had some users working off a Mac encounter a blank white screen. Cricut now has a step by step tutorial for you to follow to fix this issue. Just click HERE.

Forced Update/Uninstall and Delete

If you are getting a white screen with version V 6.6.134 of Cricut Design Space the fix for that is to force an update of Cricut Design Space. You can do this on the computer by going to the upper left hand corner of the screen and clicking on the word View and then selected Force Reload, like I show in the image below.

Cricut Design Space Fix force reload

You can also uninstall and re-install Cricut Design Space. You might have to go into your Downloads folder and remove everything connected to Cricut Design Space to totally clear the program from your system and start the reinstall process from scratch.

Offset Not Working

If you are experiencing problems with the new Offset feature, remember it is still in the beta testing stages. Also, it is only available on the computer version of Design Space and you have to have the correct computer system requirements. Verify that you are working in the New Cricut Design Space canvas, and not Classic. You can do this by going under the Setting in Design Space, which is in the pull down from the three little lines in the upper left corner. I show this in a tutorial HERE.

Another offset fix you can try is to right click on the Cricut Design Space application icon on your computer. This brings up a list of choices. Click on Properties at the bottom of the list. A new window will pop up that looks like the image below.

Cricut Design Space Properties

Click on the Compatibility tab and verify that none of the boxes are checked. If you need to uncheck anything, click Apply in the lower right corner.

February 2021 Cricut Design Space Fix – Clear Application Cache

With the February 2021 update that was done to Cricut Design Space some users, including myself, were having trouble opening anything in Design Space. This included formerly created and saved projects. Cricut put out a statement with a fix for this that you can read HERE. The Cricut Design Space fix for this problem is Clearing Application Cache. I had no idea how to do this myself, but I found the directions from Cricut very easy to follow. Please click HERE to read and follow the directions from Cricut.

Below are a few questions that have come up about this process.

Will I lose my Fonts?

Some Cricut users are asking if clearing the application cache for Cricut Design Space cause them to lose any fonts that they have from sites like DaFont. The answer to this is no, you will not lose your fonts. Any fonts that you downloaded and installed from sites like DaFont are installed on the device you are working with, whether that is your computer, iPad or phone. They are a part of that operating system and are not stored in Design Space. This is why they show up under System Fonts when you open Design Space.

Will I lose my Images?

Another question is will I lose my images and svg files that I have uploaded to Design Space by clearing the application cache. The answer to that is no, you will not. This is because when you upload an image or a svg to Design Space you save it to the cloud. The cloud is on the Cricut server so once you are back in Design Space you will be able to access them again.

While we are on the topic, if you are looking for places you can get FREE SVG FILES I have a list HERE.

What if I downloaded an image or font?

In Cricut Design Space next to fonts and images you may have seen an option that says Download. If you have downloaded an image or a font in this manner, you will not lose it. Cricut Design Space is a program and when you download images or fonts they are not saved to your computer. Downloading them just makes them available for you to access if you are working with Design Space offline.

Here is a great example of working with Cricut Design Space offline. Pretend you are going on a long trip and will not have internet connect while traveling, maybe while you are on the airplane. If you download all of the images and fonts you know you will need for designing a project before getting on the plane, you will be able to use them to create projects while you are on the plane. You will know you are working offline in Design Space because you will see the word Offline in the upper left corner of the screen. The only thing you cannot do while offline is upload images and fonts that are not already in your Design Space account.

Will I lose my Projects?

What about saved projects, will I lose those? Once again, the answer is no. Your saved projects are also saved to the cloud so they are nice and safe on the Cricut server. If you go into Settings, you can bypass this. You would have to change the default settings to computer only. So unless you know you have done that, you are safe and you will not lose your projects.

More Troubleshooting and Cricut Design Fix Help

If you want to check out my other article on troubleshooting some of the most common error messages and warnings you might encounter while working on a project you can click HERE. If you are working on a Print then Cut project there is a whole different list of things you should check off to troubleshoot, and I have that list HERE.

I hope that this helped you to understand Cricut Design Space a little better, and how to fix issues that may come up with program updates. If you want to learn more about Design Space you can join my Facebook group at Teach Me Cricut Design Space. I also have free handbooks you can download under the Classes section of this website. I actually enjoy troubleshooting Design Space issues with people so feel free to reach out to me!

Classic Design Space – Old

Switching to Classic Design Space used to be the go to fix for any problems users were encountering, but around June 2021 many users noticed this option was no longer available. For that reason I am moving all of my information about switching to Classic Design Space to the end of this article. I do want to keep it here just in case some users are still able to use or if this option is brought back at a later time.

Since sometimes problems come out after an update the first Cricut Design Space fix you should try is switching the canvas style from New to Classic. If you do not know how to find that setting, let me show you. First on the computer version of Design Space go to the three little lines in the upper left corner. When you click on those lines it opens up a new list of choices for you. Go down to Settings. See the image below

Cricut Design Space fix

Once you click on Settings a new window will open up. At the very bottom is a spot where you can choose if you are using the New Design Space Canvas or the Classic Design Space Canvas. Click Classic.

Cricut Design Space fix canvas style

You might not be able to access some of the new features, but at least this Cricut Design Space fix allows you to continue to use Design Space as you were previously.


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23 Responses

  1. I use ipad with my cricut. I never had any issues but immediately after the last update I could no longer cut thru my stickers. I changed the blade changed the pressure and tried different materials to no avail It was work9ng perfectly the night before the update. Do you think its related? Ive been looking everywherefor info for days. Thank you!

  2. Thank you so much! My business has been delayed a few days due to this update. Now, I can get back up and running. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  3. Was only getting a white screen and YOUR great ideas saved me! Thank you for sharing and caring enough to help the rest of us! lol

  4. since the update, i have trouble connecting to my maker and it won’t send my print and cut stickers to my printer but it says it has printed when it hasn’t, have even bought a new printer still won’t work. Any ideas?

    1. That Classic option has been removed. This is why I marked that section of this page as Old so that people are aware that it is no longer any option if they have the newest update of Design Space

  5. I can’t open DS on my IMac desktop where I do all my work. I’m getting a blank white box and nothing else. I’ve Uninstalled and installed it a couple of times and still nothing. Also emptied cache. I contacted Cricut and seeing I’m not computer savvy I followed each step they gave me and it still didn’t work. I’m not sure if this made a difference but I have DS on my IPad and was on it a few days ago deleting some Cricut files and did the last update on my IPad not my IMac desktop. I was able to use my IPad to make a t-shirt a couple of days ago because I couldn’t opeN DS on my Mac. At this point I am very frustrated.


  6. I have been unable to access my downloaded fonts in Cricut Design Space for the last 2 months. I contacted Cricut support and they had me uninstall and re-install and that still did not work. I am able to see my fonts in Photoshop and Word so I know this is a DS issue. I have a Mac, OS is 10.15.7.

    1. I am currently having this same issue. I spent over an hour on the phone with customer service yesterday, and the problem is still not resolved. I am very frustrated, and unsure what the next step is?

  7. I do not have the option for New in canvas settings to change from classics and offset is still not working I have a windows 10 64 bit

  8. I am running Windows 10 and using the Chrome browser. None of my fonts are listed when I query “my fonts” in Cricut Design Space. Three of the fonts I purchased cannot be found at all, not even when I type their names in the “All” fonts query.

    Cricut techies concur that there is a record of my font purchases, but I do not have access to them on my computer. Can anyone else access Disney Princess Tangled, All Mixed Up, or 3-D Pokadot Pumpkin fonts in the Cricut Design Space?

    I have been through the series to try this and try this with the Cricut techies, nothing has worked. After about an hour of trouble shooting, both conversations ended with, “We are working on it, please try again in two days.

  9. I have had my Cricut since March 2021, I use Design Space with a laptop which has Windows 10 64 bit however the Offset feature is still not working. I have called them on a number of occasions and I seem to be on hold for so long. I don’t have the option to change to NEW/CLASSIC canvas style either.
    I have followed your instructions and checked the Properties/Compatibility too. Any further ideas would be greatly appreciated.
    I am an occasional user of Cricut and paying for Access not sure if I am happy to carry on anymore with all the problems I am encountering.

    1. Sorry it took me so long to respond to this question.

      I often tell people that I can solve about 95% of their Cricut issues. This is one of those issues that falls into the other 5%. There could be a glitch that is not allowing your software to work. I would try uninstalling and reinstalling Design Space to see if that solves it. If it does not then the last resort is to contact Cricut Support for help. I like to use the chat option instead of calling in.

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