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Cricut Design Space Fix

Since Cricut Design Space is a software program, often when there is an update to fix one thing it will end up breaking something else. Why is this? Because the programmers at Cricut cannot possibly test their software for every combination of devices and operating systems out there. Plus we all have different programs and applications on our devices that might block something Design Space is trying to do.

February 2021 Cricut Design Space Update

With the February 2021 update that was done to Cricut Design Space some users, including myself, were having trouble opening anything in Design Space. This included formerly created and saved projects. Cricut put out a statement with a fix for this that you can read HERE. The fix for this Cricut Design Space problem is Clearing Application Cache. I had no idea how to do this myself, but I found the directions from Cricut very easy to follow. Please click HERE to read and follow the directions from Cricut.

Below are a few questions that have come up about this process.

Will I lose my Fonts?

Some Cricut users are asking if clearing the application cache for Cricut Design Space cause them to lose any fonts that they have from sites like DaFont. The answer to this is no, you will not lose your fonts. Any fonts that you downloaded and installed from sites like DaFont are installed on the device you are working with, wheather that is your computer, iPad or phone. They are a part of that operating system and are not stored in Design Space. This is why they show up under System Fonts when you open Design Space.

Will I lose my Images?

Another question is will I lose my images and svg files that I have uploaded to Design Space by clearing the application cache. The answer to that is no, you will not. This is because when you upload an image or a svg to Design Space you save it to the cloud. The cloud is on the Cricut server so once you are back in Design Space you will be able to access them again.

While we are on the topic, if you are looking for places you can get FREE SVG FILES I have a list HERE.

What if I downloaded an image or font?

In Cricut Design Space next to fonts and images you may have seen an option that says Download. If you have downloaded an image or a font in this manner, you will not lose it. Cricut Design Space is a program and when you download images or fonts they are not saved to your computer. Downloading them just makes them available for you to access if you are working with Design Space offline.

Here is a great example of working with Cricut Design Space offline. Pretend you are going on a long trip and will not have internet connect while traveling, maybe while you are on the airplane. If you download all of the images and fonts you know you will need for designing a project before getting on the plane, you will be able to use them to create projects while you are on the plane. You will know you are working offline in Design Space because you will see the word Offline in the upper left corner of the screen. The only thing you cannot do while offline is upload images and fonts that are not already in your Design Space account.

Will I lose my Projects?

What about saved projects, will I lose those? Once again, the answer is no. Your saved projects are also saved to the cloud so they are nice and safe on the Cricut server. If you go into Settings, you can bypass this. You would have to change the default settings to computer only. So unless you know you have done that, you are safe and you will not lose your projects.

I hope that this helped you to understand Cricut Design Space a little better, and how to fix issues that may come up with program updates. If you want to learn more about Design Space you can join my Facebook group at Teach Me Cricut Design Space. I also have free handbooks you can download under the Classes section of this website.


  1. I use ipad with my cricut. I never had any issues but immediately after the last update I could no longer cut thru my stickers. I changed the blade changed the pressure and tried different materials to no avail It was work9ng perfectly the night before the update. Do you think its related? Ive been looking everywherefor info for days. Thank you!

  2. Thank you so much! My business has been delayed a few days due to this update. Now, I can get back up and running. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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