Welcome to the Cricut Joy Summit! This is where you will find all of the information for my Custom Gift Tags project!

Cricut Joy Summit custom gift tags

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Next, you can download my tag SVG bundle by clicking on the button below. I will be using one of the tag shapes from this bundle for this project.

If you have never used a SVG file before, make sure to check out my article HERE.

Custom Gift Tag Supplies List

While this event is specifically focused on projects that you can make with the Cricut Joy machine, you can also make these custom gift tags with any of the Cricut Maker or Explore machines.

I prefer to use Siser brand vinyl for my iron on projects. I feel that is the best quality brand of iron on vinyl out there, and it weeds the easiest. My favorite place to get my vinyl is from My Craft Source. When you shop at My Craft Source be sure to use code ShawnMosch to get 5% off your order!

Designing your Custom Gift Tags

The first thing you will need to do is download my SVG bundle. Then you will have to unzip the folder that you downloaded so that you can access the SVG file. If you have never used a SVG file before, make sure to check out my article HERE. Then you will upload the SVG file to Design Space.

Because the SVG file contains several tag shapes in one large file, you will need to first ungroup the file so that you can pick the tag shape that you want to work with. After you have picked the tag you want to customize, you can either delete or turn off the other tags so that they will not cut.

Next, go to Images and you can search for different elements that you might want to add to your tag. I ended up going with the phrase “for you” in my example. I added a small offset to the phrase, and because I wanted my offset to be a solid shape, I then used Contour to close off the open areas.

Because I want to be able to move and resize the phrase and offset together, I grouped them. Grouping items holds their individual layer information but allows you to move and resize them together. I resized them to be the same width as the tag, and then used the Align tool to center the phrase and offset over the bottom edge of the tag.

Next we will need to ungroup the phrase from the offset, because we want to just work with the offset in this next step. Select the Offset and the tag at the same time. I do this by holding down the shift key on my keyboard. Then you will select Slice. This will cut the offset shape from the tag shape, but you will not visually see any change until you complete the next step.

Make sure that you only have the tag shape selected, and then click on the Contour button. This will allow you to see where the offset shape was cut out of the tag. You should see some small pieces left underneath the area where the offset shape was cut out. Click on those to turn them off and then close out of the Contour window. Now you will see the custom shaped edge that you created at the bottom of your design.

The last step in this section of the process is to select the tag shape and the offset and use Weld to join them together into one full shape.

In the video I also showed you the process for creating Mickey Mouse snowflakes that you could add to the gift tags. I have a full tutorial on how I designed those snowflakes HERE.

Cutting your Cricut Joy Project

Now you are ready to cut your custom gift tags. I recommend using a Cricut Joy cutting mat since we are not suing the Cricut Smart Vinyl for this project. Also, if you are like me and you often forget to mirror your iron on projects, you can use the Flip button to mirror the pieces that will be cut from iron on vinyl before you hit Make It.

Once everything is cut, weed the vinyl to expose the carrier sheet. Position the piece on top of the cardstock tag, and place a piece of parchment paper over the top. Use a heat source, like your mini press, and press for 6 – 8 seconds. Allow the carrier sheet to cool slightly and then peel it off of the cardstock. If you notice any vinyl that is not separating from the carrier sheet you can press that section again for a few seconds.

That is it! Your custom gift tags made with the Cricut Joy are complete! I love using iron on vinyl on my cardstock projects since it is a great way to use up scraps.

I hope you enjoyed this project, and I hope that we can craft together again sometime!

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