Cricut print then cut troubleshooting bleed

Cricut Print then Cut Troubleshooting

I get a lot of questions from people about some of the errors and problems that they have with their Cricut Print then Cut projects, so I thought I would share my Cricut Print then Cut troubleshooting tips with you.

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First, make sure you understand the difference between a Cut only project and Print then Cut project in Cricut Design Space. If you are unclear about the difference, click HERE before going any further.

Additionally, since the time that this article was originally written I have created a mini course called Perfect Print The Cut! You can find it in my Shop and on my Etsy page.

In this one mini course I will teach you everything you need to know in order to make perfect print and cut projects. Additionally, this print and cut mini course was created in 2024, so you do not have to worry about the videos being old and out of date.

Here are your Cricut Print Then Cut Troubleshooting Tips!

Since I always want you to have the most current information, as additional problems occur and new fixes are discovered I will add them to this Cricut Print then Cut troubleshooting list so that you have all of the information you need in one place.

Cricut Print then Cut Troubleshooting After Re-calibrating

In June of 2023 I saw this Cricut Print then Cut Troubleshooting tip posted by another user in a Facebook group. They had called into Cricut Support and these were the directions they were given. You should try this if re-calibrating your machine does not fix your issues.

  • Push and hold the power button and the load mat button for 6 – 7 seconds and then release.
  • Once you release the hold on the buttons you should have a solid red light on the machine itself.
  • Open Design Space and click on the three white lines on the top left corner and choose ”Update Firmware”
  • After finishing the update restart the machine and try the Print Then Cut feature one more time.

Prints not Printing Correctly?

In November of 2022 some users began to notice that their print previews would look fine, but the printed image was all broken and jumbled up. I asked the moderators in my group, and one of them remembers that someone else was told to go under Settings and switch from the Beta version of Design Space to the Live version and see if that fixes the issue. I do show how to switch from the Beta to the Live version of Design Space in a video HERE.

In some Cricut groups on Facebook, there are users that have found if they sign out of Design Space and sign back in, it resolves the issue. The problem is that this does not seem to fix it for everyone.

When Cricut started to put the new larger size for Print then Cut out in the Beta version of Design Space, some people noticed that only part of their image was printing. I was one of these people. Just switch back to the Live version of Design Space and that will resolve the problem. This Cricut Print then Cut Troubleshooting work around means you won’t be able to use the larger Print then Cut size, but at least you will be able to make your projects.

I would like to also note that there are a lot of people having issues with Cricut Print then cut since the time of the last update of the software. If you are looking to get a different machine to avoid the glitches and Cricut print then cut troubleshooting associated with Cricut updates, you might want to check out the StarCraft Solo machine. I have a full comparison of the two machines HERE.

New A4 Print then Cut Settings

In May of 2022 some Cricut owners started to see the addition of the A4 size as a choice for the Print the Cut feature in Cricut Design Space. If you are experiencing issues with your Print then Cut projects check under Settings and verify that 8.5×11 is selected. Then, in the preview screen, again verify that 8.5 x11 is selected. We have read that some had to switch to A4 then back to US standard.

If you are still experiencing issues from this most recent Cricut update, you can always go back to the beta version of Design Space from the link HERE.

Cricut Print then Cut Troubleshooting – 2022 Issues

I am making a whole new topic for this one! Around March of 2022, some Cricut owners started to discover that the preview of their Print then Cut projects looked “off”. Sometimes the images and designs seemed to be split up or only show part of the image. Some crafters found that the preview was messed up, but the actual print came out just fine. I would encourage to to actually print out the design to determine if this glitch will really impact the outcome of your project.

As of this time, there is no known fix for this issue. Cricut is aware of it and the Cricut Community has been told that they are working on this issue. Sorry, not all of the Cricut print then cut troubleshooting tips are an actual fix. Some are just awareness that it is a known issue.

Cricut Print then Cut Troubleshooting Failure to Detect Senor Marks

When you go to cut your Cricut Print then Cut project, the Cricut has to scan the registration marks in order to know where to start cutting. The registration marks are the black line or box around your printed image. If the Cricut cannot detect this registration mark you will get the Failure to Detect error.

Here are some of the recommended Cricut Print then Cut troubleshooting items for this error.

  1. Make sure that the registration mark is fully filled in. If it is not, you can go over it with a black marker.
  2. Print your image on white or very light colored material/paper. The sensor is trying to pick up the color contrast between the registration mark and the paper. (Exception: The Cricut Maker can do print then cut on colored paper)
  3. On some models of Cricut machines, using glossy or shiny paper will make it harder for the Cricut to read the registration marks. Try using paper with a matte finish.
  4. Sometimes the amount of light in the room can make it harder for the Cricut to read the registration marks. Some things that people have tried to adjust this is to turn off the lights in the room. This allows the scanning light that comes from the Cricut to appear brighter on the paper. Another tip is to shine a flashlight over the scanning light, This is basically another way to make the scanning light shine brighter. One last tip is that you can close the lid of your Cricut machine.
  5. Some people have had luck with going over the black registration lines with a sharpie.
  6. If your paper is glossy, you can try putting some clear matte tape over the registration marks to help the Cricut sensors detect the lines.

Cricut print then cut troubleshooting cut line off

If your Cricut is cutting the shape perfectly, but it is just not lined up with the image this is a calibration issue. It is pretty easy to tell when the calibration is off since you have a perfect cut, but it is either slightly above or to the side of where you wanted it to cut.

The Cricut Print then Cut troubleshooting trick for this is, while in Cricut Design Space click on the three lines in the upper left corner of the canvas. A list of choices will pull down from there. Find the one for calibration. From there, the Cricut will prompt you on the directions to follow.

Cricut Print then Cut troubleshooting forced update

If you have ever done a sheet of stickers and the first one or two seem to cut accurately but then as it goes along the last few are cutting way off this is a problem commonly called drift, or drifting cuts. Re-calibrating your machine may or may not resolve this. These are the types of issues that frustrate me the most since there is no Cricut Print then Cut troubleshooting tip or trick that will fix this. Most people have to contact Cricut support and some have been told that it is a problem that is being worked on.

Design Looks Thick or Bold

My next Cricut Print then Cut troubleshooting tip is about something called Bleed. To really understand what the bleed is and what it tells you, I am going to break this topic into several smaller sections.

Have you ever printed out your Print then Cut design and it printed a lot thicker or bolder than you expected? This is because you had the bleed turned on when you printed.

First, I think we should talk about what bleed is. In terms of a Cricut Print then Cut project, the bleed is the extension of the outline of the image.

Pretend your image is drawn with chalk on paper. If you took your finger and rubbed it on the outer edge of that chalk image it would become fatter and thicker. You would be extending the color out, almost feathering the color out from the actual image. This is what bleed does. It extends the color of the outer most portion of your image.

Now you might ask why would I want this? Because it gives you a bigger area for cutting. Let’s use my example of an image drawn with chalk again. If you do not extend that outer most edge of color, you have to be very careful while you are cutting so that you trim that image right on the line. If you are even slightly off, you will see some of the white of the paper. But if you feather that color out, now you could cut right in the middle of that area of color you extended. If you are off a little bit, no one will notice since there will not be an obvious white area.

I think a visual is the BEST way to explain this, so let’s look at the same image printed with both the bleed on and the bleed off in the next section.

Cricut Print then Cut troubleshooting – Bleed On or Bleed Off?

For this Cricut Print then Cut troubleshooting demonstration I am going to print the exact same image twice. Once with the bleed on, and once with the bleed off. The top image in the following picture has the bleed on. The lower image has the bleed off.

Print then cut Cricut

The one with the bleed on looks a lot fatter and thicker. But let’s compare the two after they are cut. See how the one with the bleed on is cutting inside the colors area in the image below?

Print then cut Cricut bleed on

The one with the bleed off is cutting right along the edge of the image, as you can see by the picture below.

Print then cut Cricut

They are both actually being cut in the same place, it is just that the COLOR is extended in the one with the bleed on.

Once you remove the two of them from the cutting mat let’s see if you can tell which one had the bleed on and which one had the bleed off.

print then cut bleed on bleed off

Can you tell which one had bleed on?

The top thanks is the cut that had the bleed turned on. The lower one had the bleed turned off. I actually like the way the one with the bleed on turned out better, because you don’t see that thin white line of the paper it was printed on around parts of the image. Below are some close up images. The first one is the bleed on, and the second is the bleed off.

Cricut print then cut troubleshooting – Turning Bleed On and Off

So now that I explained what bleed is, and how the image looks different when you print it but once you cut it they do not look that different, let me show you were the bleed on and off setting is in Design Space.

After you hit Make It for a Print the Cut project you will see a preview screen that looks like this. This is where the bleed on/off option is. I circled it out in blue in the image below.

Print then cut Cricut bleed

Cricut Print then Cut troubleshooting Print then Cut Tags with Text

I saved the best Cricut Print then Cut troubleshooting tip for last. This is the thing that I see the MOST people struggling with when it comes to using their Cricut for Print then Cut projects. Typically I see this when someone is trying to make a product care tags. They print out a design and the words in the design look thick or bold. They get all worried that they did something wrong, and post a picture like the one below to a Cricut Facebook group asking how to fix this.

Print then cut Cricut

Most people will tell them to turn off the bleed before they print their image. This is not the right answer! So if you learn anything from this article I hope that you understand that most times for Cricut Print then Cut troubleshooting, turning off the bleed is not the fix.

The Bleed is not the problem

Remember, we already talked about how the bleed will show you where the Cricut is going to cut. So in this example the project is set up to cut out all of the words inside of the care instructions tag. So this is not a case where you want to turn the bleed off. What you really want to do is tell the Cricut to cut in a different area. You want to tell it to just cut the care tag shape. I did a short tutorial on this HERE, but I am going to go into a lot more detail here, and use the example of the care instruction tags.

Remember, this is a Print then Cut project. There are two parts to that.

  • Part One: The print
  • Part Two: The cut

So first, let’s tell the Cricut what part we want it to cut, the tag shape. Now, it does not matter if that tag shape is a heart, a coffee mug, a shirt or a label. What is important is that the tag shape is a solid shape. Look at it in Design Space. Can you see the gridlines of the Design Space canvas through the shape like in the image below? If you answered yes, then the shape is not solid.

Print then cut issues problems

So many people will set up there Cricut Print then Cut projects like the picture above. But remember that the Cricut is going to cut every place it sees a black line. Now we will look a the RIGHT way to set up your project.

Make sure your shape is solid

You need to make the tag a solid shape. To do this, click on the image and use Contour. This will open up a new screen, and you can click the Hide All Contours button to quickly and easily make this image a solid shape. This is a huge Cricut print then cut troubleshooting tip that I feel like a lot of Cricut owners do not understand.

If you are going to print this on white paper change the color of the tag shape to white. By doing this it will not print the image of this shape, since our printers do not print white. It will only cut the shape.

Now you can click on the Text button, type up the text for your care tag and place it over the top of the solid shape. I also like to use my Align button to make sure my text is centered inside my tag. Then select the shape and the text and click Flatten. This will flatten the words to the solid shape. It will now print just the words, and cut just the shape. Your images should look like the ones in the picture below.

Print then cut Cricut

If you printed this image with the bleed on, the outer most part of the image (where the Cricut will cut) is the white shape so you would not see the bleed. Let me show you. You can see in the print screen preview below that it is going to print all of the words, but we do not see any of the tag shapes. Remember, they are white so we do not see them when they print. I also have the bleed on for this print just to show you again that the bleed is not the problem . . . it is that the tag was not a solid shape.

Print then cut issues problems

Once I print this out it will look like the picture below. The words are nice and clear. We do not see any of the tag shapes.

Print then cut Cricut

When we cut this with the Cricut is when we see the tag shapes.

Print then cut Cricut

Shawn’s Cricut Print Then Cut Troubleshooting Challenge

Because some people will not believe me that just turning off the Bleed will fix all of their Print Then Cut problems, I am going to offer this Cricut Print Then Cut Troubleshooting challenge! I am going to give a $100 gift certificate to to anyone that can prove to me that turning off the bleed will fix their Print then Cut issues!

I want to give you some background before I jump right into the details of the $100 in crafting supplies.

At the heart of what I do, I am a problem solver. A lot of times I see someone post a photo of a project on social media and say “What am I doing wrong?” and I just wanted to help them be successful. That is how I got started helping people online.

In a very popular Cricut related Facebook group, someone posted some photos of a Print then Cut project they were working on. I am including some of the photos she posted, with her permission, to help make my case because seeing is believing.

She created a tag project for some s’mores goodie bags. The image of the s’mores characters and the tag shape were all found in Cricut Design Space. Then she used the Text function to place the wording where she wanted it on the tag.

Her words looked perfect in Design Space but when they printed out, they were all blurry. They asked the group “What am I doing wrong?” and I am sad to say that they got a whole slew of answers, and only about a third of them were correct.

Cricut Print then cut troubleshooting bleed

She had the words on a tag shape and she wanted to print the words and cut the tag shape. There were a lot of people that said “Turn off your bleed”, and while that would have made the project print just fine that was not the answer she needed.

How do I know this?

Because I have actually tested this out! I have done a TON of Cricut print then cut troubleshooting over the years!

Cricut Print then cut troubleshooting bleed

So I responded to her and told her that I know she was getting a lot of different answers but I wanted her to trust me. I told her what to do.

Cricut Print then cut troubleshooting bleed

She even commented later that she was worried at one point but she decided to just trust the process . . . and guess what . . . her project worked perfectly!

Cricut Print then cut troubleshooting bleed

Now, there were some people in that thread that would not believe. They insisted that turning off the bleed was all she had to do. Obviously those people have not seen my Cricut Print then Cut Troubleshooting tips!

So that is what made me think of offering a challenge.

The first person who can prove to me that turning off the bleed will fix their Print then Cut issues I will give them $100 in store credit to! I know some people will ask if this is open to anyone, no matter where they live so here is my disclaimer. only ships within the United States, but I am so confident that turning off the bleed is not the answer to fixing all of the Print then Cut issues that I am willing to say that my challenge is open to anyone no matter where you live.

print then cut troubleshooting bleed

My hope is that some people who really believe that turning off the bleed is the “fix” for print then cut issues like this will take me up on this challenge. Then, once they see the results for themselves they will trust that I know what I am talking about when it comes to Cricut Design Space information and Cricut Print then Cut troubleshooting!

Cricut Print Then Cut Troubleshooting Size and Dimensions

When Cricut changed their maximum Print then Cut size tolerance it began to confuse a lot of people, which means more Cricut Print Then Cut Troubleshooting but this time specifically around the size of the images. There is a maximum height and width, but there is also a little “notched” area in all four corner around the registration marks that you have to thing about.

I took some time to figure out the exact size of this new Print then Cut tolerance dimension, and I saved the whole thing as a Cricut Project so that anyone can access this guide! You can find it by searching my name in Cricut Design Space under projects, or by clicking HERE and opening this link in Design Space. I also have an image with the mesurments for you below.

Cricut Print Then Cut Troubleshooting size tolerance

I go through all of the steps on how I figured out the exact size in this video, but basically I looked at each section as it’s own rectangle to figure out the size and then used Weld to join all of those rectangles together.

The sizes of the three rectangles are
6.75 x 9.25
7.44 x 7.38
4.88 x 9.94

Even MORE Cricut Print then Cut Troubleshooting!

I see a lot of people struggling with print then cut projects every day, and so many times they are aksing “What am I doing wrong?” I grabbed some of those posts and did a video showing all of you exactly what they were doing wrong and how they could fix it.

Cricut Print then Cut Project Ideas

I have included links below to some of my print then cut projects for you.

Cricut Print then Cut troubleshooting

Notes from Another Cricut User

I had another Cricut user reach out to me to share their Cricut Print then Cut troubleshooting tips and tricks for resolving alignment issues when trying to print then cut for a full sheet of stickers. It is important to note that this is a hack so that you are technically not using the Cricut software for the print then cut process, but rather printing a design and working out the alignment through proper placement on the Cricut cutting mat.

You can read more on this topic HERE.

If you found this helpful, you should join my Teach Me Cricut Design Space Facebook Group. You can ask me questions and I will share all of my best tips and tricks with you. Or if you want a more personal experience, you can join my Patreon group.

I also have a lot of great resources on my Classes page of this website including my Teach Me Cricut Design Space Online Course. In this course I take you step by step through how to use every button and function in Design Space. I have compiled the most frequently asked Cricut questions along with the answers to those questions into one online course. This is my most in depth and detailed Cricut resource ever! It contains over two years worth of Cricut knowledge and research in one course!

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66 Responses

  1. My problem is that while the image looks good on DS, it comes out of the printer turned sideways. No other programs I use EVER did this to my printed project. Help…?

    1. I am not sure why Design Space will rotate some images. It might be trying to conserve on the amount of paper that it is printing on. I have been able to use some sheets of paper twice by rotating the sheet and doing a second print.

  2. I am having a hard time with a particular font, it is printing all the letters accept one out properly. The “O” is disappearing when it is printed out, the rest are fine….. I have no clue how to fix this….can you help!

  3. My issue is not with the cut, it’s after the cut. My machine scans and cuts perfectly, asks me to remove the project from the machine and then I get a message telling me that if I want to continue, I need to connect my machine as it continues to try to connect. It just printed and cut while connected and now it can’t connect?! I finally have to go to the main menu and click on HOME, at which point it asks me if I want to cancel the cut…the cut I just made!

    1. So you DO get it to cut? Hmmm . . . I have never seen that error before, but if I did get the project to cut I would not worry about it too much. It could just be a software glitch that will go away with the next update.

  4. I am having a problem with my Print Then Cut image not coming off my printer in color. I cannot, for the life of me, figure out how to change this. I feel like I have looked at all settings. I am at a loss here. Any suggestions??

    1. When you click on the button to print the image, there should be a setting to use your Printer settings, and then you can verify that the printer is set to print in color and not black and white.

  5. I am having an issue with my bleed option. When on, the cut line is not bled… but the image is like double-visioned. When off… it doesn’t do that. Any ideas??

  6. Hi, I’ve been having an issue with Print then Cut, I’m onto my 4th replacement Explore 3 & I cannot get it to cut. After loading the mat the machine will freeze for 4 minutes, once it finally scans it will then freeze for another 4 minutes. When & if it begins the cut, it cuts my 6 labels on top of each other in the far top left corner & outside the calibration lines. I have calibrated my machine, which was another issue that took 2 hours to do. Can you help? Cricut can’t!

        1. Did you ever find a fix to your problem? I’m experiencing that now as well. Takes forever to scan and then cuts above the black box in upper right hand corner, super squished down in size.

  7. Hello! I am having trouble with my print and cut for my Maker.
    I did the calibration and it was pretty spot on!
    Then when I printed out my project (12 round stickers), it print fine BUT cut off.
    The top left circle cut was absolutely perfect, but then as you look down the page, the cut was more and more off of the circle (the bottom right circle was cut too far to one side).
    Is there a reason it didn’t cut them equally since the top left one was perfect and then was more off for each one as it went down the page? So confused!

    1. This is commonly called “drifting” in the Cricut world when the first item cuts perfect, but then the cut seems to drift off as it goes along.

      Have you tried uninstalling Design Space and reinstalling it?

  8. I’m going bonkers trying to figure this out. I’ve chatted with Cricut 3 times and have made no real progress. My wife does resin work and asked me to give her some pictures of pets that she could put into pieces of resin. I took them and using a photo editor made small pictures that when cut out would work in her molds. So now I have a PNG file that has a number of discrete circles. I take that file to the library and print it. It looks like I intended it to. I go back to my computer and without changing the shape or location of each of those circles,made them into solid colored circles with the expectation that my “maker” will cut them out. Wa Lah, it does BUT it apparently shifts them before it cuts them out. It consistently makes the cut down and to the right of the desired position. Like a quarter to half inch off.

    They are printed on standard printer paper. I’m using the fine point blade. I’ve updated the firmware. I’ve updated Design Space. I calibrated the machine. It was cutting very close to desired. I tried a one pixel wide line to form a box to tell it “where” the circles were. That didn’t help. I tried half inch square boxes to use in the corners as registration marks – even though there is only one layer. That seemed to help in that the cuts were 3/16 or there abouts, off the mark.

    I’m going bonkers with this. It seems like it is such a simple problem.

    Any helpful suggestions would be appreciated.


    1. Are you printing them through Design Space so that you get the registration marks, or are you printing them from another program and then just trying to get the cuts to align to where you printed (without registration marks)

  9. I am trying to print and cut stickers. At first it was breaking everything up in preview, but it sorts itself. When it prints the stickers out, it’s a thin line around them instead of the thicker black line used to sense the cuts. And my cricut doesn’t recognize it because the sensor line is now printing too thing. I have the bleed on.

  10. YOU ARE A LIFE SAVOR!!! I literally went through idk how many fonts couldn’t figure out why my letters were more bold when going to print! It’s the bleed! Thank youuuuuuu!!!!

    1. You are very welcome! But remember, if your letters are thicker and bold when you print, that means the Cricut is going to CUT EACH LETTER. If that is not what you want, then you need to put a solid shape behind all of the letters, flatten the letters to that shape and then the Cricut will print the letters and just cut the shape.

  11. Hello,

    Hoping you can help- When I print, the black boarder registration marks do not print. On the preview prior to sending to printer everything looks perfect. I did a test print (after wasting 3 sticker vinyl papers) with regular printer paper and it still would not print the top portion of the boarder line. Any ideas of what I am doing wrong? I have calibrated, played around with moving the print in the preview, switched images around, resized everything and still I can’t get it to print properly.

  12. Hi Shawn, I am having an issue with the print portion. I made sure the image (a wreath with a saying in the centre) is the correct size. Everything looked good, but when I said Make it, it showed up on my printer a wavy multi coloured lines. What am Wrong. It is so frustrating and costing me t shirt lab

    1. This is a common glitch going on right now. The preview will look off, but when you actually print it will come out just fine.
      If you are having issues with the actual print, then I would start with checking your print settings and make sure to pick high quality.

  13. I’m hoping you can help me. When I go to print my “print and cut” image, it is cutting off the top of the registration mark so I don’t have a complete box around my image. This has only started since the last update. I have my settings on Letter Size. I’ve changed it to A4 and still the same results. I have tried going back to the Beta version from your link but it didn’t change anything.

    1. This could be due to a glitch in the update. I am sorry to hear you are having issues with this process. Sometimes these resolve themselves with the next update.

  14. Hi, I hope you can help me. I bought a cricut not long ago and I’m still trying to figure out how it works. On the first print and cut project I did everything went well except the alignment of the cut, so after some research I decided to do a calibration. After the calibration I made some test cuts and everything was perfect. Later when I tried to do a real project the cricut starts reading the crop marks and after some time it stops and starts flashing the red on/off light.
    I’m just having problems with printing and cutting. When I just want to cut something everything works fine. I’ve tried several things and different types of paper but nothing seems to work.
    Do you know any tip that can help me?
    Thank you.

    1. I do know that a lot of people seem to be experiencing print then cut issues right now. Which machine do you have? Are you using a mat or glossy paper?

  15. I’m hoping you can help me. I am making a basic sticker for canning jars. I start with a white circle and add in my words and an image. Then I flatten the project and make multiple copies. When I go to print, all the colors look like I want, but when I print, the color comes out in one different color. I thought maybe I was running out of ink, so I made a label all in black and white. It printed a purple color, but the box printed in black. I don’t know why this is happening. Help!

    1. There have been a LOT of glitches going on right now with the Cricut Print then Cut process. You might have to contact Cricut to have them help you resolve this one.

  16. Great article. I’m going to save this article and reference when I see comments telling others to turn off bleed to solve their issue, when it is a design issue.

  17. I am trying to do print and cut, and for some reason I keep having a border appear on what needs to be cut, how do I get rid of the shape border but then still have it cut that shape. thanks!

    1. That sounds like you might have the bleed turned on, and that is making a border around your image. If you want to make sure you have a white border around your image you can go back to where you were designing it, add a THIN white offset and then flatten the entire design to that white offset piece.

  18. hello, i have a maker. when i send my stickers to be printed, my computer reboots. it never prints! i don’t know what to do!

    1. Have you tried rebooting your computer and Design Space? I would also try printing something else, from outside of Design Space to make sure that the connection from your computer to printer is correct before trying to print from Design Space.

  19. Hi Shawn, great post! I’m currently having an issue where my print then cut designs are printing with a thin black border when I just want a white background. When bleed is turned on, the line is even thicker. When I turn bleed off, it still has the outline. So when I cut, the slight margin for error results in bad looking stickers. Any idea how to resolve this?

    1. Where did you get the image for your design? If you uploaded the design there could have been a thin black border on the image you uploaded. Could you use the Offset button to make a inset, then slice that inset from the original image to basically trim it down a bit to try and remove the black outline?

  20. Hi Shawn, I am having an issue with my print then cut feature- When I go to print my image is enlarged within the guideline(thick black line around the edge) I have checked every printer setting- tried 3 different printers I can’t figure out why it is enlarging my printable image- please help!!

  21. Has anyone had this issue when printing? I will go into design space and do a print then cut, when it comes up for the preview everything is fine. when it prints out everything is COMPLETLEY messed up. Every picture on the page is broken into different pieces. It’s like it is double printing but missing half of the pictures. I have reloaded it hundreds of times, some times when I force reload I can see the shapes of the pictures but the picture within the shapes are not correct. I thought it was my printer so i printed a random image from google and it turned out fine. Then I redid my project and retried, nothing changed. The most frustrating part is that before this happened I had printed something perfectly and five minutes later when I went to print a different project, it messed everything up and I can’t find anything close to my issue online. Any help would be very welcome! Thank you!

    1. I asked the moderators in my group, and one of them remembers that someone else was told to go under Settings and switch from the Beta version of Design Space to the Live version and see if that fixes the issue.

  22. Recently my Explore Air 2 changed from having a complete rectangle print around my print ten cut image to having only brackets print at the four corners of my image. The machine can’t read the brackets, so won’t cut. If I use a ruler and connect the sensor marks, it will usually cut, but my added marker lines have to be thick. What’s changed/wrong?

    1. This sounds like you got the new Print Then Cut Update for the larger size print then cut area. You will have to calibrate your machine for the new style of sensor marks.

  23. Help me. My print then cut only works on regular printer paper. It doesn’t help that i need it for waterslide paper for a couple of projects. I have tried every tip online, no luck! i messaged Cricut about this issue 2 years ago and no response!!!! I have uninstalled, clear cache, did printer paper test and trouble shooting. Nothing is working!
    Some one please help me!

  24. Hi – Print then cut is telling me my flattened image is too large when it is in fact clearly within the size limits for the beta version print then cut (or even the original!). It changes the “limits” all around when I add/delete things and I have no idea why. Right now, my image is 7.07 x 8.85. Flatten says that the image is “too big” and that it can only be 7×8.78. Now I’ve hidden some of the images at the bottom and the new flattened image is 7.09x 7.09 and apparently that is fine, even though a minute ago 7.0 was too big.

    Initially I thought this was a rotation issue, but when I redid the set with images that I didn’t rotate at all the problem is still there.

  25. Hi! I hope you can help, I have tried everything at this point. Maybe I’m missing something. I am designing tags on illustrator and then saving them to open on DS and print then cut. I have saved them as PNG and or SVG, and nothing seems to work. My font seems to be blurry not printing sharp. I am saving them with the highest resolution, you can see a difference when I print the same image from PDF to vs when I print it from DS. No, it’s not the bleed. I have tried that and it does not work. please help!!!

  26. My print than cut doesn’t cut the same. I’ll set up a page and 1-2 of the images cut great, the others are all varying degrees off. I have recalibrated, and recalibrated, those are fine. It’s not off the same amount on each cut, nor all the exact same off. I have tried adding larger “clear” offsets, bleed on and off. I have made sure my pages are exactly straight on the cutting mats, I’m out of ideas. I have not seen any troubleshooting with similar issues that didn’t say recalibrate. I have a cricut maker and print with an Epson Ecotank 2800.

    1. That sounds like you are running into issues with the cut drifting, since you said that some images will cut fine. I would reach out to Cricut support for that.

  27. Hi,
    Have you had a problem with cutting paper? My daughter is printing wedding invitations and her machine starts printing fine, then the cuts are to soft, then the machine starts to rip the paper.
    She has printed 42 invitations, she has changed the housing & knife, completed hard reset, uninstalled app & reinstalled, completed everything Circut advised.
    Do you have any suggestions?

  28. Since the beginning of april 2023 i have been unable to use my print and cut feature on a 6 month old explore air 2 machine. they had just replaced my original machine under a warranty replacement for a similar issue with print and cut only months before. Upon receiving the warranty replacement i was still unable to get the print and cut to work on the brand new machine until i deleted the image and downloaded a completely different image and it miraculously worked!! This time the error is saying it cannot read or scan the print and cut. Customer care blames it on the light of the scanner and said i need to buy a new one because its no longer under warranty. but after sending me a new machine I never needed in the first place instead of helping me trouble shoot it. In april when it quit working i believe the big update with the bigger print and cut sizes had just happened. ive been patient for months hoping there was a few kinks for them to still work out and eventually my print and cut feature would start working again but it has yet to. Hoping you can help me. Ive tried all the normal common suggestions on line. I’ve tried using design space on ios and microsoft word I’ve tried printing with my epson workforce printer and my canon pixma printer. Ive tried countless different images colored and black abd white on all different kinds and types of paper. Im super frustrated and refuse to purchase another cricut machine. If i indeed have to purchase another machine it will not be a cricut brand machine simply because they cannot troubleshoot or help me in any other way than shipping out a warranty replacement which is great and fine until that one too quits working only a couple months down the road for them to only tell ya sorry ur burnt. The warranty goes off of the original machine, ya know the one that was deactivated when nothing was wrong they just didn’t want to put the time into helping trouble shoot it cause sending a new machine was easier until sending a replacement isn’t an option and then they will just expect you to open ur wallet and purchase another brand new machine

    1. Kim,
      I agree that the Cricut troubleshooting has gone way downhill. Honestly, I feel like they need to hire someone like me that can really teach their support call line people HOW to troubleshoot! I just sent you an email and I am hoping that we can connect and troubleshoot some things together.

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