Crochet a Mickey Mouse Headband

As the weather gets cooler, make sure to stay warm and stylish by adding a touch of Disney to your outfit!  This crocheted Mickey Mouse Headband is a great beginner project. Weather you are planning a day at a Disney Park or just running errands around town, this headband will keep the chill out.

crocheted Mickey Mouse Headband

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The band is made with a stitch that combines a single crochet stitch and a double crochet stitch. Ff you can make those two stitches and a chain, you can make this headband.  These are perfect to wear when you have your hair in a bun or ponytail, but still want something to keep your ears warm from a cool wind.

crocheted Mickey Mouse Headband

How I discovered this stitch

I found the stitch in the book One Skein Baby Projects. Because of it’s simplicity, I have used it to create the blanket in the Teddy Bear Lovely pattern.  I have actually used this stitch several times in the past year to create some full sized blankets.  I just adjusted the number of stitches I used. If you would like to see those blanket projects you can find them HERE and HERE.

crocheted Mickey Mouse Headband

Altering the pattern

I used the stitch from One Skein Baby Projects, but I did have to alter it to work in a round for the headband. To start, I chain of 55 stitches.  I found that this is a good size that fits most pre-teen to adult size heads. You might find you need to adjust this number if your stitches are tighter or looser.  If you have to adjust, do it in multiples of 2.  Hold the chain of 55 around your head and make sure it goes all the way around.  If the ends don’t touch, add 2 more stitches.  If they overlap too much, pull out two stitches. Once you have the size around the head right, attach one end of the chain to the other end with a slip stitch. You will work the rest of the pattern in the round.

Next, chain one to build up for the first row. The entire first row is just a single crochet in each stitch of the chain. Slip stitch this together when you get to the end of the round. Chain one to build up for the next row. Now this is where you will start to do the stitch from the Teddy Bear blanket pattern in the One Skein Baby Projects book. It is just a combination of single and double crochet stitches. Don’t have the book? You can buy it HERE.

Just three circles

To make the Mickey Mouse icon I made circles in two sizes using the pattern I learned from the Teach Me To Crochet book.  I originally used that book to create an Emoji Pillow from the circle pillow pattern, which you can check out HERE.

crocheted Mickey Mouse Headband

After making the circles, I just slip stitched them onto the headband.  I made all of these out of Red Heart with Love yarn.  I love how soft this yarn is!  It comes in a lot of amazing colors too.  I even found some color combinations that work great for Disney Inspired outfits, like this Disney Bound of Ariel.

Ariel headband

I hope that this blog post showed you how you can take what you learn in one or two books from different patterns and combine them into a brand new project that is all your own.

If you are not up to the challenge of crocheting these yourself, you can purchase one from me.  I have them listed in the Shop section of this site. books used included One Skein Baby Projects and Teach Me to Crochet and if you click on the text that will take you to the Amazon listing for these books.

I hope you enjoyed the DIY Disney project. Let me know if there is a custom color combination you would like to see in a crocheted Mickey Mouse Headband.

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