Cut Multiple Colors One Mat

Have you ever seen someone cut multiple colors of material on one mat with their Cricut, and wondered how in the world they did that. Today I am going to show you how this is achieved!

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Snap Mat

The first way to do this is using Snap Mat, which is a feature only found on the Cricut Design Space for the iPhone and iPad. This allows you to take a picture of your mat with all of the different colors of material on your Cricut cutting mat. Then you use that picture to line up the different cuts with the coordinating colors.

Four Colors, One Mat

If you do not want to use Snap Mat, or you are not using Cricut Design Space on an iPhone or iPad there is another way to cut multiple colors on one mat. Since typically the Cricut will separate and sort everything by color, in order to cut everything on the same mat we have to “trick” the Cricut into thinking that everything will be cut from the same color material.

Color Sync

To do this, I am going to use the Color Sync panel in Design Space. This allows me to look at what colors are in the design. If you have never used Color Sync, it is located just below the Make It button in Design Space on the desktop version. I have it indicated with a blue circle below.

Once I am in the Color Sync panel, I start to click on each piece and drag all of them into the same color line. Now you can see that all of the pieces of my bird are the same teal blue color.

When I click Make It, we will see the mat preview screen. The Cricut will place all of the pieces on the same cutting mat, since I have told the Cricut that I want to cut them all out of the teal blue. But I do not actually want to cut all of these pieces from the same color. I just needed the Cricut to think that so that I could have all of the pieces on one cutting mat.

Arrange your cuts on the mat

Now that I have all of the pieces on one mat, I am going to click on each piece and move it to a different corner of the mat, like I show in the image below. This is how I can tell the Cricut to cut a specific piece in a specific area of the Cricut cutting mat.

Now instead of placing a full sheet of cardstock on my Cricut cutting mat, I can use smaller scrap pieces and place them in the corners of the mat. In the upper left, I will place the black since this is the background piece. The teal blue for the body will be in the upper right corner. I used a small scrap of white cardstock in the lower left corner, where I placed the cut for the eye. Last but not least, the beak will be cut from a scrap of yellow in the lower right corner of the mat.

Below is an image of what my cutting mat looks like before I load it into the Cricut. See how all of the pieces of cardstock line up with where I have the coordinating cuts in the mat preview screen?

cut multiple colors on one mat

Here is a video so you can see the whole process come together.

Layering your Image

Once all of the cutting is done, I unloaded my Cricut cutting mat and the first piece I removed from the mat was the black piece. That is because the black piece will be the base or bottom piece of the completed image. The process of putting all of the colors together to create your image is called layering.

Next I removed the teal blue from the mat, and applied some double sided tape with my tape runner to the back of the piece. I centered the teal piece over the black and tried to make sure I had a consistent black outline around the whole image.

Since the last two pieces are a lot smaller, I use my Zig glue pen to add glue to the back of them. Then I position them, again making sure to have a consistent black outline around the edges. Since I already placed the largest colored piece, this also helps me more easily place the smaller pieces.

layered image

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