Disney Helping Hands classroom job chart

Disney Classroom Helping Hands

If you are a teacher and you love Disney, why not add that to the decor in your classroom. I helped out a friend that is a teacher by creating this Disney classroom Helping Hands job board. This could easily be modified into a chore chart for the home. Let me show you how I created this project with my Cricut.
Disney Helping Hands classroom job chart
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Supplies Needed:

Mickey’s pants

First, I found an image of Mickey’s pants in Cricut Design Space. I determined how big I wanted to make them. This will depend on the space you have in your room. I cut all of the pieces for the pants from cardstock and stacked them in piles so that I could easily assembly them.
ShawnMosch Mickeys Pants Cricut Design
First I attached the red pants to the black background. I used the tape runner to quickly add the adhesive to the back of the red pants piece. Next I grabbed my Zig glue pen and applied that to the back of the buttons. Those fit nicely into the openings in the pants.
ShawnMosch Mickeys Pants2 Cricut Design
Now all my teacher friend needs to do is write the various classroom jobs on the pants.

Helping Hands

Next up is the Helping Hands part of this project. I cut out a Mickey’s glove image for each child in the class. The image has a white layer and the black offset background layer. This image can also be found in Cricut Design Space. Once all of the glove images are cut, I grabbed my tape runner and applied tape to the back of the white layer and placed that on top of the black layer.
Now my teacher friend just has to add the names of the children to the hands. She can then move them around on the Helping Hands board so each child knows which job they are assigned to for the week.
ShawnMosch Mickeys Pants Letters Cricut Design
I cut the letters to spell out Helping Hands from red removable vinyl, just in case they needed to be applied directly to the wall. I wanted to make sure it was something that could be removed and not damage the walls. You could also use colored contact paper for this.

Disney Classroom Helping Hands Project

You could tape the finished project to the wall of your classroom, or attach it to a bulletin board like this teacher did.
Disney Helping Hands classroom job chart
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