Father’s Day Card and Shirt

Don’t wait until the last minute to make Father’s Day gifts for Dad!   I want to show you a Father’s Day shirt and card I made using a fun tool font I found.

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Finding your Father’s Day Shirt Design

I found this adorable design at Caty Catherine called Tool Letters.  Click HERE to go to the site and purchase it for yourself. There is also another one called Fishing Lure Letters that you can get HERE

Father's Day shirt

If you have never purchased a SVG file, once you download it, just right click on the downloaded folder and unzip the folder and you will see sub-folders saved in different formats.  Make sure to upload the svg file formats to Design Space. If you have never used a TRUE svg file, please read through my detailed tutorial about svg files HERE.

Once you upload the to Design Space you are ready to start creating your project.  I started off with just the word DAD, which is shown in the image above, but then I tried a few other variations. In the image below I added another line of text with the year this person became a father below the word Dad.

Father's Day shirt

In the next variation of this Father’s Day shirt, I decided to add the children’s names underneath the word Dad. I felt like it needed something between the names, so I added a nut. which I created using free shapes found in Cricut Design Space.

Father's Day shirt

Using Free Shapes in Cricut Design Space

The nuts were pretty easy to make.  I did them using basic shapes.  Let me show you how I did it.

I inserted a hexagon and a circle from the shapes button in Cricut Design Space

use basic shapes in Cricut Design Space

Then I selected both of them and used the align tool to move them so that they were perfectly centered over each other.

use slice in Cricut design space

Then, while I still had the hexagon and the circle selected I hit the slice button to remove the circle from the center of the hexagon, which made it look like this . . .

use slice in Cricut design space

Father’s Day Card

Next I decided to make a matching card. If you have never made a card in Cricut Design Space I have a step by step tutorial for you HERE. Here is what it looked like in Design Space

Father's Day card Cricut

And here is the actual card.  For the word DAD I used black vinyl since I did not want to have to move and line up all of those little pieces.  Since it was vinyl I was able to use transfer paper to move the image onto the card.

Father's Day card Cricut

I hope this project inspired you to make something amazing for the man in your life. 

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Father’s Day Gift Ideas Video

If you are looking for more ideas for Father’s Day gifts you can make with your Cricut, I did a short video with some more ideas. This is a great way to customize something for the man in your life! For both of these ideas, you really just need to understand how to use the Slice feature in Cricut Design Space.

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  1. Such a useful tutorial hunni and it all looks great, I love the addition of the nuts and your explanation on how to create them. Super helpful! I do of course appreciate the mention and the links – you're a superstar! Kind regards Caty xx <3

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