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Favorite Things

I have had some people what are some of my favorite crafting supplies, so I decided to create this list of my favorite things. When I started to type up this list, I thought of a few items that are not crafting supplies, but I still wanted to tell you about them so decided to add them. As I find additional thing I can add them to this list to make them easy to find.

By the way, this post contains Affiliate Links. By shopping through these links I make a small commission and you help support my site. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Thank you for your support!


When you are working with cardstock you need a good adhesive to stick the different parts together. I love my Creative Memories tape runner for this! I have tried so many different tape runners or the years, some that I got for free at trade shows, but I always come back to the one from Creative Memories. It is refillable so when you use up the tape you can just pop in a new refill.

For small areas, where my tape runner is too big, I use my Zig glue pen. These come in different sizes, so you can find the width that works for you. Personally I like to keep a couple different widths on hand. The fine point Zig pen lets you apply glue in a very small thin line, like a normal writing pen. It is great for fine thin details.


Okay, I know this one is not craft related, but I had to include it. I love some good chocolate and Droolin’ Moose is the best by far! This is a company that is local to me. They started off with one small store in Bloomington, MN where I live.

I actually found them quite by accident. There used to be a small store next to their space that sold hand crafted items. and I had some items I made for sale there. Once day I stopped in the check and see if any of my items had sold, and I found out that this new chocolate shop has moved in next door to the craft shop. That was 20 years ago, and they have grown in popularity.

My personal favorites from Droolin’ Moose are

Berry Pickin
Cherry Bombs
Fisherman Knots
Malted Milk Boulders
Rustic Blue
Salty Bogs
Squirrel Bait
Summer Swirlers

Design Tool

If you have any sort of side business I strongly recommend using Canva. This site allows you to quickly and easily create beautiful images for your Pinterest boards, social media posts, advertising, flyers and so much more! I used Canva to create my Teach Me Cricut Design Space Online Course.

Heat Press

When you are working with HTV/iron on vinyl, I strongly recommend using a heat press over an iron. When I used to use a household iron, my projects were TERRIBLE! Then I found the Planet Flame Heat Press. This truly was a game changer for me.

Shirt Guide

If you are making shirts, and you have ever struggled with how far down on the shirt to put your design then I have the tool for you! This shirt guide is something I saw in one of the Facebook groups I am in. I have not tried it personally, but it looks amazing so that is why I am including it on my list.

shirt guide

The lady that is making and selling these has put a lot of work into these shirt guides. There are ones for adults, children and infants. This will help you to position and center your designs on the shirts you are making. Check out Whimsical Wheelerland on Facebook. Tell her Shawn sent you!

Sticker Paper

When I make stickers, I like to use the Cricut brand printable vinyl. The packaging says it it for decals. I like this better than the Cricut Sticker Paper because the backing on the Cricut Brand printable vinyl is thinner and more flexible. I found that it loads smoother into my ink jet printer.

Scheduling Tool

This is another tool for those of you that have a side business. Tailwind is a way to schedule your new content for Pinterest and Instagram. I love this because I can sit down at the computer and use Canva to create a couple weeks worth of beautiful images for my Instagram account and then jump over to Tailwind and schedule all of those to post on specific days and time. I love this because then I can just forget about it for a couple of weeks since it all posts automatically for me. There is even an option to have it post to your Facebook Page for your business when it posts to Instagram.

Transfer Tape

For me, instead of buying transfer tape I typically use clear contact paper. Nothing fancy. You can get it online or at just about any store.

Another household product I have used instead of transfer paper is Glad Press N Seal. You heard me right! I try to just use this for smaller projects, but I have actually gotten it to work when transferring something to a large canvas.


There are several different types of vinyl out there. Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV) and iron on mean the same thing. This is for something made of fabric (shirts for example) It is applied with heat. I prefer the Siser EasyWeed vinyl.

You can purchase Siser vinyl at
Expression Vinyl
Heat Transfer Warehouse
Siser vinyl on Amazon

There is also printable heat transfer vinyl. This is sold in sheets that fit into your home printer. You must use an ink jet printer with this product. I have used the Jolee’s brand and I always use the one labeled for dark colors no matter what color shirt I am putting it on. If you want to see a project where I used this product you can click HERE.

651 and permanent vinyl mean the same thing. This is what you use for glasses, car decals, anything going outside or home decor items. I prefer Oracle brand 651/permanent vinyl.

631 and removable vinyl mean the same thing. This is what you use for wall decals so that it will come off and not pull up the drywall. I prefer Oracle brand 631/removable vinyl. This is perfect for cutting words or quotes to put on a wall. I also use removable vinyl when I am creating stencils, like I did for a string art project that you can see HERE.

If you found this helpful, you should join my Teach Me Cricut Design Space Facebook Group. You can ask me questions and I will share all of my best tips and tricks with you.

I also have a lot of great resources on my Classes page of this website including my Teach Me Cricut Design Space Online Course. In this course I take you step by step through how to use every button and function in Design Space. I have compiled the most frequently asked Cricut questions along with the answers to those questions into one online course. This is my most in depth and detailed Cricut resource ever! It contains over two years worth of Cricut knowledge and research in one course!

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