Free Cricut font

Free Cricut Font

When you are creating projects with your Cricut picking the right font for the project is very important.  If you are anything like me, you like to use free fonts.  So let me show you how to find a free Cricut font.

Free Cricut font cricut fonts free

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First off, we are going to take a look at the fonts already available in Cricut Design Space.  Any of the fonts that have a green “a” next to them are included in Cricut Access.  Access is the paid membership.  I like to think of this like Netflix for Cricut.  While you are paying for the Access membership you get to use any of the fonts with the green a, but as soon as you turn off Access you can no longer use those fonts. 

Finding a Free Cricut Font

When you type up a word, you can click on that text and change the font.  When you use the font filter you can select My Fonts.  This will show you the fonts that are available for you to use.  It will include any that you have paid for, downloaded and any Free Cricut font.  If you have never used the font filter, I go into that in more detail HERE.

If you like to use Cricut Design Space on your iPad or mobile device, the screen looks very different. That is why I created a whole separate set of resources for the iPad. For finding the font filter on the iPad or other mobile devices you can check out my video HERE.

I found 15 free Cricut font options that you can use right now today. As Cricut adds more fonts to their library this list could grow so it is more important to know how to find those free fonts quickly and easily. Now we are going to talk about the different types of fonts.

Because Cricut Design Space is always changing and adding new fonts, I would highly recommend using the filters within Design Space and set your filter to Cricut Fonts Free.

Types of Cricut Fonts Free To Use

There are three types of Cricut fonts.  They include Single layer cutting fonts, Multi Layered Cutting fonts and Writing fonts.  I recommend that before you start your project you think about your lettering and what type of font you want to use. Each type or style of font can give your whole project a very different look. Don’t worry there is at least one free Cricut font option for each font style.

Single Layer Free Cricut Font

A single layer cutting font will cut out letters from one color of material.  Once they are cut you then apply them to your finished project.  A single layer font is the most basic and simple font you can use on a project. Below is an example of a single layer font.

If you look in the layers panel on the right you can see that there is just one color, or layer for this font. You can add a layer, also called a shadow or offset, with the Offset tool. Adding an offset, shadow or outline to a single layer font would change it to a multi layered font.

Free Cricut font single layer

Below is a list of the single layered free Cricut font choices I found for you.

  • Cricut Classic Chunky
  • Cricut Everyday
  • Cricut Sans
  • Simple Celebrations
  • Teebrush Paint Standard Regular
  • Trade Gothic
  • Trade Gothic Display

Multi Layered Free Cricut Font

A multi layer cutting font will cut the letters from more than one color of material.  These are often fonts that have a shadow or offset layer behind them.  Once the multiple font layers are cut from different colors, you can then layer them back together to create the finished multi colored look.

Below is an example of what a Multi Layer font looks like. If you look at the layers panel on the right, you can see that there are two lines of information for this same font. You can change the color for each layer. If you click on the small eyeball icon that I have circled in the image below, you can turn off one of the layers in the font, and use it like you would a single layer font.

Free Cricut font multi layer font offset shadow outline

Below is a list of the multi layered free Cricut font choices I have found for you

  • Cricut Alphabet
  • Cricut Alphabet Circle
  • Cricut Alphabet Curl
  • Cricut Classic
  • Cricut Classic Italic
  • Cricut Classic Tall Ball
  • Cricut Classroom Basics

Writing Style Free Cricut Font

A writing style font is a single pen stroke font that mimics handwriting or printing.  When you use a writing style font you will want to use a Cricut pen with this. The Cricut will then draw or write this font with the pen. Below is an example of a writing style font. You can see in the layers panel on the right that it says draw next to the font. This is one way to verify you are using a true writing style font.

Free Cricut font writing font pen stroke thin

Here is a list of the writing style Free Cricut font I found for you

  • Cricut Alphabet
  • Cricut Sans
  • Simple Celebrations
  • Telegram Text

Since a single line writing font is the only type that will mimic hand printing or handwriting, they are a very popular font style for people who use the Cricut pens. Because of this, the moderator team for my Teach Me Cricut Design Space Facebook Group worked together to create this list of all of the writing fonts. This document will show you a preview of each writing style font!

Single line or Writing Style fonts seem to be the style that so many people spend a lot of time searching for. If you would like to find even more single line fonts, both free and paid, you can click HERE.

Changing a Cut font to Draw

If you have a cutting style font, either a single layer font or a multi layered font, and you change the operation from cut to draw, you will notice that the letters will appear bubbled or hallowed out.  This is because the Cricut will still follow the same “path”, either with the blade or the pen.  If you want it to write with the pen you can choose a writing style font, but then it will just be a single pen stroke font.  The Cricut will not color in a bubble/outline font for you.

How to Get Free Fonts on Cricut

There are other places besides just Cricut where you can get free fonts for your crafting projects. One of them is Creative Fabrica. I highly recommend creating an account with them, that way it will save all of the fonts you download from them. Just click on the banner below to head to their site.

Font Banner - Free Fonts

My favorite place to get a free Cricut font to use with my Cricut is There is an endless list of fonts that you can download from DaFont and use. Once you download the font, you have to then install it to your computer. I was going to write up a super detailed step by step for you on how to do this, but my friend and crafting blogger Rachel from already has an amazing step by step on this. Check it out HERE.

Need to know how to download and install free fonts on your mobile device? Don’t worry! I have you covered with a video HERE.

For the most part, the fonts you download from DaFont will be a single layer cutting font, but you can easily add an offset, shadow or additional layers to that font with the Offset tool in Design Space. When you download the font files, there might be several different files inside of one zipped folder. The end of the naming convention for these files would be OTF and TTF.

Open Type Font (OTF) is a newest and best file format for digital type fonts/ It was developed together by Adobe and Microsoft. Open Type Font came out after Microsoft’s True Type Font (TTF). An Open Type font is a single file, which can be used on both Macintosh and Windows platforms without conversion. If you don’t have an OpenType font in your bundle we would advise you to install the TrueType font.

Previewing Your Free Cricut Font

Once these free fonts are downloaded and installed to your computer, they will show up under your System Fonts in Design Space. And if you need a way to view all of the fonts on your computer, you can use one of the following websites

Special Free Cricut Font

While I am talking about DaFont, I have to mention the extra special free fonts you can get there. They are called Dingbat fonts.

If you have never used a Dingbat font before, you are going to LOVE THEM! Dingbat fonts use images instead of letters, so you can just download and install the font and you will suddenly have all kinds of images you can cut with your Cricut. If you have never used a Dingbat font before you can check out my tutorial HERE. I cut this cute little Donald Duck image from a Dingbat font that I downloaded for free.

free dingbat font from Dafont

Free Special Occasion Fonts

There are even free seasonal fonts you can download. Maybe you need a font that looks like dripping blood for Halloween. Well the list below is just what you need.

Free Halloween Fonts
Free Christmas Fonts

You can also look over my suggestions for the best fonts to use for your crafting projects HERE.

Font Identification

Have you ever seen a project with a beautiful font in it and thought “Oh, I love that font! I wonder what the name of it is?” Did you know that there are websites and apps out there that can actually help you to identify the font used in a project? The one I have used is called What The Font.

If you are using a Cricut font, here is a tip for finding the font name even after you have welded the letters together!

Font Height and Size

When you are working with fonts remember that the height that you set the font for will be the height of the tallest letter in your text. For example, if I type the word love in all lower case letters and set the font height to be 3″ tall the the letter l will be 3″ tall, but the letters o, v and e will actually be smaller than that since their height is in relationship to the overall height of the letter l.

For reference, look at the word love in this image below. The height of the l is at 3″, while the other letters are only about 2″ in height.

font height

Pinterest Font Board

If you are on Pinterest, you can follow me and check out my Fonts and Cricut Design Space board! I have already pinned some great information on how to use fonts, insert text, download fonts and of course how to find a free Cricut font. I also have a collection of videos at my YouTube channel specifically about using text and fonts in Design Space, that you can find HERE.

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  1. Hi!! thank you for the information you shared. Question: I don’t understand why my Design Space isn’t changing my font to single line. When I use Simple Celebration, changed it to Pen. it still shows outline instead of single line. Why? Even the Cricut Alphabet font.

    Thank you.

    1. That could be because you changed the cutting font from Cut to Draw, instead of going to the font style and changing it from regular to writing style. You can find the style pull down to the right of the font name pull down in Design Space.

    1. I would start with learning to use Design Space, which is the software that makes all of the current Cricut machines run. If you are using Design Space on the computer you can download my Teach Me Cricut Design Space at

      If you like to use Design Space on a mobile device like a tablet/iPad or phone you can download Teach Me Cricut Design Space for the iPad

      These will help you learn the functions of Design Space. Then if you have a specific project you want to make let me know . . . I might already have a tutorial for you!

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