Graduation Card using Cricut Design Space

I know that graduation time is still months away, but since my daughter is a senior in high school this year I wanted to get started on making things now so I did not feel rushed in the spring, so I started to make her Graduation card now.

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I created this tri-fold card using  Cricut Design Space™.  I used a card shape that had rounded corners and then adjusted the overall size of that cut and added the paws and letters and welded them to the card.

graduation card

I welded the shadow of the letters to the blue layer of the card so that it cut out all as one piece.  This made things so much easier for making the card!  Otherwise I would have had to place each of those letters one at a time.


In this picture you can see the white base cut of the card, and how it has a larger shadow of the text and the paws welded to it.  This helped me to place all of the other pieces quickly and easily since I had these outlines as a guide.


The only letters and numbers I had to place individually were the silver glitter ones inside the blue shapes.


Once the glitter pieces were in place, I placed the entire layer down on the base.


I cut 6 of the paw shapes so that they are on both sides of the center panel of this card.  This way they are visible when the card is open and when it is closed.

graduation card

There is plenty of space inside for me to write something to our daughter.

graduation card

Now that I have taught myself some of the steps of using Cricut Design Space™, like welding shapes together like this, I think I might make some more customized cards like this for friends and family.

graduation card
graduation card
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