Halloween Face Mask

Now that masks are mandatory in many states, why not make your mask fun! This Halloween face mask was easy to make. Here is what you will need.


First I cut a piece of orange fabric 9 inches by 12 inches. If you want this Halloween face mask to be thicker, you can cut a piece of interfacing and attach that to the inside of the mask.

fabric Halloween face mask

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Next, I take my scissors and cut two black hair ties in half. These will become the loops that go over your ears.

fabric Halloween face mask with hair ties

Place the black hair ties on the top half of the mask. I originally was going to just pin these in place, but I decided to stitch them down by just sewing over the hair ties. This will hold them in place while I sew the mask.

fabric Halloween face mask with hair ties

Next, fold the bottom of the mask up, so that the black hair ties are now sandwiched inside of the folded fabric. After we sew around the edges, we will turn it right side out.

fabric Halloween face mask

Sew around the outside of the mask, leaving a small opening to use for turning the mask right side out.

fabric Halloween face mask

Once I turned the mask right side out, I did a little straight stitch at the bottom of the mask, to close up the hole that I used for turning.

fabric Halloween face mask

Add the face!

Now we get to do the fun part! Let’s decorate that Halloween face mask! To start, I went to Cricut Design Space and clicked on images. Then I searched for a jack-o-lantern image and I found this one. He comes in orange, and I want my image to be black. I just click on the orange square, shown with the blue arrow below, and that opens up the color options. Then I change the color to black.

jack-o-lantern Cricut Design Space

Using Contour in Cricut Design Space

Now that I have the image black, I am going to use Contour. Contour allows you to hide or turn off portions of a cut design. Since I am going to put this image on a mask, I don’t need the whole big square. I really just want the pieces of the face. I click on the Contour button in the lower right corner of the screen to open up the next window.

Cricut Design Space contour

When you click Contour a new window opens up, like the one in the image below. Do you see the large square shape that the blue arrow is pointing too in the image below? I am going to click on that and then you will see the magic of using contour.

Cricut Design Space contour

Look at that! It turned off the whole square around the image, and made the face pieces solid! Pretty cool, right. I love to use Contour to take an existing image and alter it to really make it my own.

Cricut Design Space contour

After looking at this, I realized that I don’t need the eyes from the jack-o-lantern image. Remember, this is going on a Halloween face mask that will be covering my mouth and nose so I really only need those two parts of the image. Let’s use Contour again to get ride of the eyes. Click on Contour and you will see that window pop up again. Find the two pieces for the eyes. I have them indicated by the two blue arrows in the image below. Click on that, and then close this small pop up window.

Cricut Design Space contour

And there you have it! A jack-o-lantern face, minus the eyes, for your Halloween face mask.

Cricut Design Space contour

Cut the vinyl

Now it is time to cut the iron on vinyl. Remember to mirror your image or your jack-o-lantern face will be backwards. After you cut the face, weed away the excess vinyl. When you are done you should have a piece that looks like the one in the image below.

jack-o-lantern vinyl

Now you can press the vinyl on to the Halloween face mask. I like to use a Heat Press for this. I feel like it gives a more professional and secure press. Make sure to follow the heat and pressure recommendations for the press and vinyl you are using.

jack-o-lantern vinyl Halloween face mask

Have fun with this idea and come up with your own Halloween face mask. I listed some additional ideas for you below, but I would love to see what you come up with!

Other Halloween face mask ideas

  • White mask with a ghost face
  • Green mask with a Frankenstein or Witch face
  • Brown mask with a puppy dog face

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