Happy Birthday Tanner!

Today, one of my favorite teen crafters turns 16 years old!  Tanner Bell, one of the great minds behind the site A Little Craft In Your Day, is celebrating his 16th birthday today!

If you have EVER taken a picture with Tanner, you will know this phrase . . . “Give us your best Tanner face”.

What is a “Tanner face”?  Here is an example


Tanner’s friend and partner in the website A Little Craft In Your Day, Courtney Chambers would like us all to celebrate Tanner’s birthday by declaring today National Tanner Face Day!  So come on . . . give us your best Tanner Face!

Eyes wide open, smile, open mouth . . . .


Happy Birthday Tanner!!!!!!!

#nationaltannerfaceday #thetannerface

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