how to make stickers Munbyn sticker machine

How to make stickers

If you are looking into how to make stickers have you thought about getting a label and sticker machine? I just got my MUNBYN label printer, and I want to give you my review of it!

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how to make stickers Munbyn sticker machine

If you are like me, the idea of a label maker might bring back memories of those handheld devices with a keypad. We would type up what we wanted the label to say and then the machine would spit out a thin boring label. There was nothing fun or creative about these old school label makers, but they did get the job done when we needed to orgainze everything!

Now the world of label making has evolved! And the devices used in making labels are cute! The Munbyn Bluetooth thermal printer even comes in pink, which I love. This little device can do more than just make labels. I will show you how to make stickers with it!

how to make stickers Munbyn sticker machine

The Munbyn Print App

I downloaded the Munbyn Print app to both my iPad and my phone so that I could design from both devices. Sometimes I just like having a bigger screen, so that is when I would use my iPad. I really liked how easy the app was to use. The sizes and shapes for all of the different labels and sticker are pre-loaded into the app, so you can just pick the size you want to work with. I love this because then I don’t have to worry if my design will go off the edge of the sticker.

I love that there are quick buttons for guides and support right in the app. Honestly, I found the Munybn app pretty easy to use but it is nice to know that if I did have a question help is just a click away!

If you are not sure what you want to make, check out the Templates section. There are a lot of pre-made designs to get you stared. I really like that there is a filer so you can select the size and shape of Munbyn thermal labels/thermal stickers you purchased from the list to get you started. Then once you pick one you can change the text of even edit it to make it more personalized to you.

If you click the large plus sign that is in the middle of the bottom landing page on the app you can open up a blank project to start to design your own custom label. You can add text, borders and other elements like icons. Make sure to click on the Sticker button to find some really fun designs. If you make shirts that you sell, there is even a sticker to create a care label!

Using Other Programs to Design Stickers

Beyond the app, you can also create designs in other software programs, like Canva or Word, and then just print them on this little sticker machine. Since I use Canva to creat things like my handbooks and online course, I decided to design a sticker in there. I show that process in the video HERE.

how to make stickers Munbyn sticker machine

How to make stickers FAST

I could not beleive how fast the stickers printed!!!! Then once they are printed I can just tear away the printed ones on the little perforated line and I am ready to print more. You have to check out the video on my YouTube channel!

Key Features of the Munbyn Bluetooth thermal printer

You probably want to know some of the technical details about the Munbyn label and sticker machine. It is a high resolution printer, that features both optional 203 dpi and 300 dpi

It has both USB and Bluetooth connection, which makes it easy to connect with. It supports Bluetooth connectivity via your phone. I did hear that Windows Bluetooth connectivity will be available in September 2023. I recommend using the Munbyn Print App to establish a connection with your phone, or use a USB cable to connect to your computer.

how to make stickers Munbyn sticker machine

If you are looking to save time, then this little sticker machine is PERFECT for you! It can print 72 labels per minute!!!! Honestly, I probably take longer figuring out what font I want to use for my project!

And if you are worried about chemicals and toxins, you will be happy to hear that the MUNBYN printer is BPA free. There is also no ink or toner are required, which will save you money in the long run. Plus you never have to worry about getting a low ink warning right in the middle of printing something!

Let’s talk more about the labels and stickers themselves. They are waterproof and oil-proof. The labels have a stronge adhesive so you do not have to worry about a label falling off. They peel off the backing very smoothly, and they come in a variety of colors and shapes. This allows you to choose the combination that works best for your needs.

The MUNBYN printer can be used for a wide variety of things. In this article I only showed you one use for it, as a sticker machine, but you can also use it for shipping labels, branding labels, product labels, logo stickers, thank you stickers, QR code labels and care instruction labels. The list is endless!

Probably my favorite features are that it comes in pink. If you are not a pink fan, you can get the classice white one. Also, this powerful label and sticker machine is very portable and light weight!

how to make stickers Munbyn sticker machine

One of my readers asked if you can use other brands of stickers and labels in this printer, and I verified with the company that the printer is compatible with all other brand thermal labels except for Dymo labels.


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  1. I have the exact same problem with choosing fonts!! I spend more time designing than printing! But this machine is amazing & I l loved reading your review on it!

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