Lucky Duck Surf Supply Shirt

I just recently got a new heat press from Planet Flame (click HERE to see the details on that press) and my daughter came up with a few ideas for some shirts she wanted to make.  The last time we were at Walt Disney World she could not find a Donald Duck shirt she liked, and Donald is her favorite character.  She designed her own images and we made her a custom shirt.

We purchased a package of Jolee’s Boutique printable iron on for dark fabrics to create these projects.  The images that she was using had a lot of detail in them and we did not want to have to layer all of those colors.


Then we uploaded her images into Design Space and saved it as a print then cut image. My daughter created the image in Photoshop so that it would have a transparent background color.


This made it really easy to upload into Design Space since I did not have to clean away the background.  I did upload this image twice . . . once for the words which I saved as a cutting image and once for the Donald Duck surfing which I saved as a print then cut image.  The reason I did this is because I wanted to be able to move all of those letters together on the carrier piece that comes with the Cricut white iron on vinyl.  If I would have done the whole image, words and Donald, as a print then cut image the Cricut would have cut around all of those little letters, and I would have had to try and place them on the shirt in that perfect curve that my daughter created.

Here is a video that talks about the print then cut process and the registration marks around the mage.  At the beginning of this video you can see in the layers panel that the letters are a cut file and the Donald image is a print then cut file.

This next video will show you how the Cricut uses those registration marks to perfectly it cut around the Donald Duck image.

My daughter used some of her other shirts that have a small logo on the front to determine the placement she wanted for this logo.  We placed the lettering and the Donald Duck image on the shirt as shown in the next image


You can see that the carrier sheet has been cut to go around the print then cut imgae so that I can press them all at the same time.  Then I placed it in my Planet Flame heat press to press it at 360 for 30 seconds.  If you have not seen my full review of the Planet Flame heat press, make sure to check that out HERE.


I was really impressed with how nice this pressed on to the shirt.  I had done iron on heat transfers a LONG time ago (back when I was young) and I felt like they always came out looking cheap and tacky.  Not this one!  This looks professional between the high quality image, the beautiful colors of the image, the perfect cuts around the image and how well it pressed on to this shirt.  The entire print and cut heat transfer process has come a long way and I am very impressed with the end results!

And here is the back of the shirt.


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