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As I was leaving work on Friday, a co-worker of mine who is a Troop Leader for a Girl Scout Troop asked me if I knew anyone who had a embroidery machine . . . I just smiled and raised my hand, to which she responded “I knew you were the right person to ask!”

She wants to get shirts for the girls in her troop, but if you have ever looked at buying embroidered shirts you know that they are not cheap! She was hoping she could find some images and then purchase plain shirts and have the image embroidered onto them.

I have done this before, so I told her I would do some searching online to see if I could find some good images. So if you have not guessed, this blog is also kind of a reminder for both her and I of what images I found and where I found them.


I found these at

I thought that these were cute because they show the girls doing all different activities, and if you do the uniforms in brown they are Brownies, but if you did them in green the girls could be Girl Scouts.  (sorry . . . I don’t know the colors for Daisy Scouts, but you get the idea)


I found this one at

At Embroidery Designs they had quite a lot of different scouting designs, including images that say Super Scout that could be used for any scouting club.


The also have the image of the Scouts Honor hand symbol.


Or, if you are a troop that does a lot of camping, there are several fun Camping Buddy images for you to choose from.  (those came out really small . . . sorry.  To see the full sized ones click here.)  You can purchase the camping ones for $1.80 per image, or $17.97 for all of them.


Or how about one just for the love of Scouting


I hope that one of these will work for your Scouting Adventure!

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  1. It's nice to see machine embroidery designs getting more recognition nowadays; then again, this IS the internet. Still, the pictures are gorgeous and high-quality, especially for the content involved. Good job!

  2. I have gotten the Brownies from I was wondering if you had any girl scout applique designs. Thanks.

  3. I would love to have an applique too. I am having trouble with the brownie scout design not getting all the blue on the shoes. Let me know if anyone has found an applique. thanks.

  4. Adorable! There are also some on for Girl Scouts and Daisies. I added them to my Girl Scout Pinterest Board.

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