Make some money this holiday season!

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Wouldn’t be nice if we could MAKE MONEY at the holidays to offset some of the spending we will be doing?  Well if you have a blog or website, you can . . . through Affiliate Marketing!

If you have not read the info that I have put together at Making Money with Crafts, I would recommend reading that page as it contains some good background information on Affiliate Marketing.

One of the best way to make money that I have found is Affiliate Marketing.    I believe the key to good Affiliate Marketing is targeting the right people.  You can be involved in as many programs as you want, but if the information is not getting to the right people then it is not going to work for you.  Since this is a crafting blog, I am going to guess you came here because you enjoy crafts just as I do.  So let’s look at ways to use Affiliate Marketing specifically with crafts, but really this information could be translated into any topic.

Find products you like and see if they have an affiliate marketing program.  If you shop there, chances are other crafters shop there (or would like to shop there)

Now, none of these on their own will allow you to quit your day job next week, but they can help to provide a little extra income . . . for the holidays or to support your crafting supply needs.  And, if one of them could even bring in an extra $50 per month, if you have MULTIPLE programs going on you can see how those numbers could increase.

With some programs, not only can you make commission on the product sales that YOU generate, but if someone signs up from YOUR affiliate link then you will also earn a small commission on the sales THAT person generates!  Not all affiliate marketing programs offer this, and it is an extra nice feature.  This really encourages people to talk about the products and program.  People who sign up off of your affiliate program link are commonly called your “downline”, and if you have a large downline your chances of generating more money increases.

Another program that I like is the ContainYa Crafts Affiliate Marketing Program.  If you are looking for area to sign up it is at the top of the page.  You can either go to My Account and create an account, or there is a link that says Affiliate Program (just after the Testimonials section)

Once you sign up you will be able to pick from banners and ads that you can post on your website, blog, in emails or on Facebook . . . some groups have restrictions, so be sure to read the rules for each program.

Here is a collection of different buttons and banner ads from some of the other companies that have affiliate marketing programs.





New Year's Resolutions Sale

Buy 2 Get 1 Free Cricut Cartridges


m sewing 120 60

This is just a sampling of the ads . . . it really depends on the company as to weather they have ones for specific products, square buttons, horizontal banner ads, etc.  Some of the companies will change out their banners with the seasons or for specific lines of products, so that you can customize your advertising to fit the type of people that come to your site.

I hope that this has shown you that there are ways for you to generate some income from the crafting blog that you already have, and really how much you do is up to you!  Put the buttons on your site and hope for the best, or talk about the program and really stir up some excitement for the program and the products.  If there is one of these companies or products that you already own, use and enjoy I would say that would be the first place to start.  It will come easy for you to just share your positive experience with the company/product with others.


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