Making Stickers with your Cricut

Have you tried making stickers with your Cricut? This is a great project that uses the Print then Cut feature. I am going to take you through the whole process step by step. This is a great back to school project. You can also use these same steps to create your own personalized planner stickers.

making stickers with your Cricut

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Materials needed (with links to make shopping easy!)

Insert a solid shape

First we are going to insert the solid shape that we want our sticker to be. This is actually a really important step. This will be the shape of your sticker, and the shape you choose will tell the Cricut where to cut. Make sure that you use a solid shape, and not just the outline of a shape. When you look at the shape on the Design Space canvas if you can see the grid lines through the image it is not solid and it is just an outline of an image. If this happens to you, you can use Contour to make it solid.

For this example I am going to insert a circle since I want a round sticker.

insert a shape in Cricut Design Space

Next I want to set up my round sticker for the color and size I want the finished sticker to be. I click on the circle, and go to the top of the screen and click on the box that the first blue arrow in the image below is pointing too. This opens up the color selector. I am going to change the color of this circle to white.

Now I will go over to where the second blue arrow is in the image below. I am going to change these dimensions so this is a 1 1/2″ by 1 1/2″ circle.

change the color and size of a shape in Cricut Design Space

After that is updated, your shape should look like the image below.

Cricut Design Space

Add your image

Now I am going to find a cute paw print image to add to my sticker. First I click on the Images button on the left. This will show me all of the images in Cricut Design Space.

Learn to use Cricut Design Space

This opens up a new screen where you can search for images. If you have not used the search function, head over to my YouTube channel and watch the video HERE. For this project I typed the words paw print into the search to find an image I liked. Then I clicked on it and hit the Insert Image button in the lower right corner of Design Space.

Learn to use Cricut Design Space

Now you can see that I have the paw print image in my working project canvas of Cricut Design Space. Next, I have to size that paw print so that it fits inside the white circle I made.

Learn to use Cricut Design Space

If you click on the paw print image, in the lower right corner where the blue arrow is pointing you will see a icon that looks like a double arrow. If you click on this and drag it in or out you can easily resize the image. The other way to resize would be to use the height and width information like we did with the circle, at the top of the screen.

Learn to use Cricut Design Space

I want to make sure that this paw print image is perfectly centered on top of the circle. To do that I am going to use the Align function. Make sure that you have both the circle and the paw print selected. To do this I just made a big selection window around both of them. Then I went to the top of the screen and clicked on Align. There are several different choices under Align. I picked the Center option, as shown in the image below.

using Align in Cricut Design Space

Change from Cut to Print then Cut

For this next step, we are going to look at the Layers Panel to the right of the screen. You can see the preview of both the circle and the paw print on the layers panel.

Cricut Design Space Layers

Each item is on a separate layer currently. Both of those layers are set to Cut, which you can see from the portion of the image that I circled. It is kind of small, so let me zoom in for the next picture. Now you can see that is says Cut next to both of the image previews. If we hit Make It right now, the Cricut would cut out both a circle and a paw print. This is NOT what we want. We want to print the paw print from our home printer, and then cut the circle around the paw print. So how do we change that? With Flatten!

Flatten in Cricut Design Space

Flatten will change any cut image into a Print then Cut image in Cricut Design Space. If you want to learn even more about the difference between Cut and Print then Cut I would recommend the article HERE.

With both the paw print and the circle selected at the same time, I am going to click on the Flatten button in the lower right corner of the screen, as indicated by the blue arrow in the image below.

Use Flatten for Print then Cut projects in Cricut Design Space

After you click on the Flatten button I want you to look at the Layers Panel. Do you see what changed? Instead of being two layers the image is now one layer. Also, instead of saying Cut next to the image, it now says Cut / Print. Above the image preview it also says Flatten.

Learn to use Flatten in Cricut Design Space for Print Then Cut

This is why I always check the Layers Panel for my projects. If you want the project to Print then Cut it should always be a one layered image and say Cut / Print next to it.

Make It in Cricut Design Space

Now we are finally to the point where we can hit Make It to make the stickers. When you do that, this should be the next screen that you see.

Make Stickers in Cricut Design Space

In the upper left corner is the Project Copies button. I have circled it in blue in the image above. From here, you can change the number so that you can easily create more stickers and fill the sheet as much as you can. Change the number and hit Apply and that will refresh the preview. This will allow you to see if you can fit more images on your sheet. I ended up being able to get 20 paw print stickers on one sheet.

Right below that, you see a small preview. You can see that it says Print and then Cut. That is telling you it will first print the image you see on the screen. After that you will put the page you printed on a Cricut cutting mat to be cut.

Let’s take a look at the large mat preview over to the right of the image above. There is a thick black line around the outside of the paw print image. This is the Registration Mark that Cricut Design Space uses to perfectly align where the Cricut should cut around your printed image. You will see this in action when you watch the video at the end of this article.

Print then Cut

The next two steps are going to be easier to see in the video. First you will print the page from your home printer. Before I printed my first set of stickers, I did a test print with a piece of copy paper to verify the way that the paper feeds into the printer. There is nothing worse than hitting Print and then finding out you had the sticker paper in wrong and your images printed on the back of your sticker paper.

Once the sheet is printed, place that sheet on your Cricut cutting mat lining it up with the grid lines on the mat. When you load it into the Cricut a light will come on and scan the registration marks. This is how the Cricut detects where to cut.

To see how this whole process comes together, check out the video below.

I would love to get your feedback to see if this article helped you to understand the process for making stickers with your Cricut. Drop me a note below in the comments or join my Facebook Group called Teach Me Cricut Design Space.

If you find that your stickers are cutting slightly off center from your images, you might need to calibrate your machine. The directions for this can be found on the Cricut site which I have linked HERE.


  1. Thank you for a really clear and understandable tutorial. I’m going to make stickers! Print and cut seemed really difficult before I saw your video. Thanks again. Linda

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