Mermaid Tail Blanket

Have you tried the trend that is all over the crocheting groups and message boards right now? I am talking about the Mermaid Tail blanket!  If you do not know what a mermaid tail blanket is, check out the one that I recently made.

mermaid tail blanket

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It is basically a cocoon style blanket with a fin shape on the end of it.  Instead of covering yourself with a flat blanket, and tucking the sides around you to keep you cozy, with this style blanket you actually put your legs inside of the cocoon. It is similar to crawling into a sleeping bag.  You can make them so that they just cover your legs or you could make them longer to come all the way up your body.

mermaid tail blanket

I found the pattern for this blanket

The pattern called for changing yarn colors every row, but I found this beautiful yarn with shades of blue and green in it and thought that it was perfect for a mermaid tail, so I decided to go with that instead of changing yarns.  The yarn is a color called Pond from the Deborah Norville Everyday yarn line from Premier Yarns.

Everyday Yarn by Premier Yarns

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I purchased the yarn at me local craft store, but it is also on Amazon and you can purchase it by clicking HERE.

mermaid tail blanket

Here is a close up of the shell stitch.  I love the way the colors of this yarn transition with this stitch.

mermaid tail blanket

The pattern for this blanket has directions for different sizes, but basically each size is adjusting for the length you want the blanket to be.  I did alter the pattern slightly for mine towards the bottom of the blanket. When it started to decrease the stitches to close up the bottom of the blanket.  I alternated a row that decreased with a regular stitched row so that it was a slower decrease and slightly longer blanket than what the pattern called for.

mermaid tail blanket

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