Mickey Mouse snowflake window cling

Mickey Mouse Snowflakes made in Design Space

Do you ever get a creative idea and think “I wonder if I can do that?” I had this idea to create some Mickey Mouse snowflakes using the Cricut window cling material.  In my head there was an image of snowflakes with little Hidden Mickey’s in them. I figured with my Cricut and a little creativity I could make this work.

Mickey Mouse Snowflake

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Mickey Mouse snowflakes Supplies

Creating Mickey Mouse snowflakes in Design Space

These were actually pretty easy to make, using Cricut Design Space™. I clicked on Images in Design Space and typed in the word snowflake to the search bar. There are several already in Design Space so I picked a couple that I liked. I also searched Mickey to find a Mickey Mouse head icon.

mickey Mouse snowflakes

Next I resized the Mickey heads to fit nicely on the points of the snowflake. Play around with the size until you get something you like.

mickey Mouse snowflakes

Now that I have the Mickey heads the size I want, I am going to Duplicate them several times so that I can add them to all of the points. Duplicate is like doing a copy/paste all in one move. You can do this by right clicking on the image and then selecting Duplicate, or you can click on the image and use the Duplicate button in the upper right corner of the screen. I point out both options with a blue arrow in the image below.

duplicate in Design Space

Then I will rotate and move all of the Mickey icons and place one over the top of each end of the snowflake. To rotate an image just click on it and use the curved arrow icon in the upper right of the select image.

Use Weld to Join

Once I have the Mickey Mouse heads all placed, I am going to make a big selection window around the snowflake and make sure I am including all of the little Mickey Mouse icons with it, and then I will click on the Weld button in the lower right corner of the screen. I point the Weld button out with a blue arrow in the image below. Weld will join things that are touching or overlapping into one thing.

weld in design space

Here is what my Mickey Mouse snowflakes look like after I weld the Mickey Mouse icons to them.

Mickey Mouse snowflakes

Use Contour to fill in sections

Now I want to add a Mickey Mouse icon to the center of these Mickey Mouse snowflakes. The one on the right has a nice solid middle that would be easy to slice a Mickey Mouse icon out of, but how will I achieve that same look in the snowflake on the left? With Contour! Contour will allow me to hide sections of the snowflake and fill them in. If you have never used Contour before, you can see my full tutorial just on that topic HERE.

When I click on the snowflake on the left, I can then choose Contour from the lower right corner of the screen. I have Contour indicated with the blue arrow in the image below.

contour in design space

Contour opens up a new window, that shows you the details of each section of the snowflake. If I click on sections it will turn them off, or make them solid, in the snowflake design. This will be easier to see happen in the video at the end of this tutorial. The image below shows you how the new Contour window will show up on your screen. I clicked on all of the very center pieces in the design, like the one I have circled in blue, and hid them or turned them off. Look at the same area on the actual snowflake circled in green. See how it is now filled in and solid.

contour in design space

Once you have all six of those center pieces, you can close out of the Contour window. Now my snowflake looks like the image below.

Mickey Mouse snowflake

Use Slice to Remove

Now that I have a solid center to my snowflake I can use the Slice feature to cut a Mickey Mouse icon out of the centers of these snowflakes. I put a Mickey Mouse icon in the center of each snowflake. To cut that out, I am going to select the snowflake and the Mickey at the same time. Slice will only work if you have two things selected.

slice in design space

So I click on the Slice button in the lower right corner, indicated by the blue arrow, and then after you Slice you have to delete the black Mickey Mouse icon to see the results. There will be a second Mickey Mouse icon the same color as the snowflake in the center of it. You can delete that also. Now your snowflakes should look like the image below.

Mickey Mouse snowflake

Mickey Mouse snowflakes Video

Here is a video so you can see the steps for the process to make Mickey Mouse snowflakes come together.

Cutting Mickey Mouse Snowflakes

I set my Cricut to the vinyl settings to cut my Mickey Mouse snowflakes out of the window cling material.  This setting will use the correct pressure, speed and blade depth so that you cut the window cling material but leave the backing in place.

After the Mickey Mouse snowflakes are cut, unload your mat and then peel the whole thing off of the mat.  Then simply pull off the negative space around the snowflakes.  Once you take the snowflakes off of the backing sheet, there might be some of the small pieces you need to clean up from the inside.  Sometimes some of those little pieces get stuck.  Don’t worry . . . they cut . . . just push on them a little or use the Cricut weeding tool to poke them out.

Save the backing sheet.  Once you take the snowflakes down, you can place them on the backing to store and use again next year.

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A little tip . . . clean the window first before putting the snowflakes up.  The moisture from cleaning the windows helps them to stick to the window better.

More ideas for using Mickey Mouse snowflakes

Since this project was so popular I wanted to show you even MORE ways you can use Mickey Mouse snowflakes in your holiday crafts!

You could use your Cricut pens to draw the Mickey Mouse snowflakes on to some blank gift bags. This is a great way to take a simple bag from the dollar store and add something fun and personal to it. If you have never drawn with Cricut pens, make sure to check out my tutorial HERE.

You could cut the Mickey Mouse snowflakes out of iron on vinyl and press it onto a Christmas stocking, Christmas tree skirt or even a pillow. I pressed mine onto a stocking and I love the raised embossed look it gave.

When you are buying vinyl remember this tip . . . you can actually save money when you buy your vinyl online. I get my vinyl cheaper that way, even cheaper than I can get it with a coupon at the craft store! Make sure to check out my vinyl buyers guide HERE.

I prefer to use Siser brand vinyl for my iron on projects. I feel that is the best quality brand of iron on vinyl out there, and it weeds the easiest. For permanent vinyl I like StarCraft vinyl.

Over the years I have gotten Siser vinyl from a variety of places, including My Craft Source. When you shop at My Craft Source be sure to use code ShawnMosch to get 5% off your order!

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You might be surprised to hear that I actually used adhesive vinyl for all three of these last examples. When you use vinyl as a decal, like I did for the first two images, make sure to use some transfer tape or even clear contact paper. This will help you move your design and position it on your final project. I share more information on making decals HERE.

And if you have not tried using vinyl on card then this is definitely something you should put on your crafting bucket list! It is a great way to use up scraps. I have used both adhesive vinyl and iron on vinyl on cards. If you are looking for more card making tips and inspiration make sure to check out my article called 20 Beautiful Handmade Card Ideas to Make, which you can find HERE.

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