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Monumetric Review

How does Monumetric relate to my crafting blog? In this article I am going to share my personal journey and give you an honest look at Monumetric for ad revenue. There are a lot of people that think that starting a blog will put them on the fast track to making money online from home. That is the dream!

The honest truth is that blogging is a journey, and not all of us take the same path. Just like planning a trip or vacation, there are a lot of things to figure out. I personally did not take the smartest path on my blogging journey, but I openly share this so that you can learn from my mistakes.

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What is Monumetric?

First things first, you are probably asking yourself what is Monumetric? I know I normally talk about crafting projects and how to use your Cricut, but if you have ever thought about turning your crafting hobby into something more then you will want to keep reading!

Monumetric is an ad network and websites then make money, or ad revenue from those. Do you see the little ads on this page? This is just one way that I make money off of my site.

I am the first person to admit that I do not understand a lot of the techy talk behind running a website, but this is one of the reasons you should partner with an ad network. They understand the best placement and position, and they can work with you to refine those things as needed. That way I can just focus on the reason I started blogging in the first place, which is because I love to share my crafting ideas with all of you!

Ad Revenue – The Techy Talk

Ad Revenue refers to the income earned by a company or organization through the sale of advertising space or services. This revenue is generated by displaying ads on websites, mobile apps, social media platforms, print media, television, radio, and other forms of media. Advertisers pay a fee to display their ads in these various forms of media, and the revenue earned from these fees is referred to as ad revenue.

Ad revenue can be earned through various models such as cost per click (CPC), cost per impression (CPM), cost per action (CPA), and cost per view (CPV). CPC is a model where advertisers pay each time a user clicks on their ad. CPM is a model where advertisers pay for every thousand impressions their ad receives. CPA is a model where advertisers pay only when a specific action is taken, such as filling out a form or making a purchase. CPV is a model where advertisers pay for every view their video ad receives.

Ad revenue is an important source of income for many companies and organizations, especially those in the media and advertising industries. It is used to fund operations, pay salaries, invest in new technologies, and expand their businesses.

Can anyone sign up with Monumetric?

The short answer to this question is no, not just anyone can sign up. This is why I said that blogging is a journey. Monumetric has four programs and each one has a different baseline of site traffic that you need to meet. The entry level program is for bloggers that are getting 10,000 to 80,000 page views per month.

I know, 10,000 page views per month can sound like an overwhelming number when you are just getting started and are excited when your site gets more than 100 views in a day! I have been there! Did you know I have actually had a blog since 2009! Back then we did not have all of the social media platforms we have today. Heck, Facebook was only four years old back then!

Back when I first started blogging (July 2009) I started with a free Blogspot blog, and I had AdSense on that site. In the world of ad revenue networks, AdSense is definitely the basic starter or entry level source. They accept sites with very low traffic. Where people really make the money off of AdSense is on YouTube. Those little ads you see on my crafting videos on YouTube are all thanks to AdSense.

By the way, one of the blog posts I did way back then that still brings me traffic to this day is my tutorial on making diaper cakes. When I look back at these posts now, all I can see are the TERRIBLE photos and that horrible watermark that I used to put on every photo! But on a positive side, looking back at these really does show my growth in my blogging journey.

I was with AdSense for YEARS! Why? Because until 2020, I was looking at my blogging as just a fun way to share my crafting projects with people. It was not until my daughter really encouraged me to turn this little hobby into a business. In late June 2020, was launched!

Going from Hobby to Small Business

Once I made the decision to switch my mindset from looking at things as a hobby to a small business I quickly found out how many things I had been doing wrong for so many years! I could actually write a whole series of blog posts just on this topic. I have talked about using social media to connect with others and open up opportunities for collaboration.

Since I wanted my site to grow I started to do some research. Ironically there was an event that was starting just around the time I launched This event gathered together bloggers who were doing things right! Each one was speaking about a different topic that is really important to the world of blogging.

I really started to focus on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for my blog posts. This really helped my organic traffic growth! Before this, most of my traffic was from social media. I still do not feel like I am a SEO expert by any means, but I have come a long way since that diaper cake post!

It was at this time, during the different presentations at the event that I started to learn about the different ad revenue networks. I had no idea before this that there were different ones, and that each one seemed to have a traffic threshold to meet. The first one I used was Ezoic because it did have a plan that was for sites that were under the 10,000 views mark.

Growth and Timing

As I learned about SEO and producing better content for my readers, my traffic began to grow. It probably helped that we were in the middle of a pandemic and there were a lot of people spending more time at home. People were looking for new hobbies and things to do at home, and for many Cricut crafts filled that void.

The pandemic also caused many of the ad networks out there to put a pause on adding new clients to their portfolio. When I first applied to Monumetric I was put on a waiting list. If you know me, you know I hate waiting, but that is what I had to do. This was just another step in my journey.

Late in 2021, I got the email from Monumetric that I had been waiting for! They were ready to move forward with my application. The timing of this was kind of scarry for me because I had been working all of 2021 planning out a HUGE series of posts called The 25 Days of Disney Christmas Crafts. All of the posts and social media images for promotion had already been scheduled! I was terrified that if something went wrong in the switch over process my site could be down and a whole year of planning would go to waste.

We decided to go forward with the switch, and I am happy to report that there was no site down time. There was one issue with where an ad was placed that I did not like how it visually made my page come across, but when we reported that to Monumetric it was quickly adjusted.

How much money can I make with Monumetric?

Let’s be honest, this is why you clicked on this article. When you decide you want to make money online the big question always is “How much money can I make?”

As with anything, there will be ups and downs. In the world of crafting blogs, November is always a high traffic month since everyone is working on decorations and gifts for the holidays. In November of 2021 I was with Ezoic, but by November 2022 I was with Monumetric. When I compare what I made for just my website ad revenue from November 2021 to November 2022 I had a 267.058% increase!!!!! That is HUGE!!!

But that is just one month, and probably my busiest month, so I took the numbers a step further. In my real job, I am a numbers girl so this was right up my alley! I looked at all of 2021 to see what my average ad revenue was and then compared that to the average for 2022. I figure that this would help to calculate in the highs and lows, and the numbers shows that I had a 45.4055% increase in my monthly average.

Results will be different for every site, but when I look at the end result of the numbers I could not be happier! If there was anything you wanted to know that I did not touch on, please drop me a comment. I love to hear what you are thinking, and if needed I can update this post so that others will have that same information!


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