offset in Cricut Design Space

Offset in Cricut Design Space

If you are a Cricut user you are going to be very excited about the most recent update. You can now add a shadow or offset in Cricut Design Space to your fonts, shapes and images.

offset in Cricut Design Space

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What is Offset?

Before I get into explaining how to use the new Offset feature in Cricut Design Space, let’s talk about what Offset is. Have you ever wanted to add a shadow, outline or additional layer of color around the outer edge of your text or images? Then what you were trying to do is to add an offset. Before the Offset feature was added to Cricut Design Space the only way to create text with that layered look was to use a Multi Layered Font, which I show you how to find HERE. Now with the new offset in Cricut Design Space function you can add this additional shadow layer to any font or image you want!

Adding an Offset in Cricut Design Space – Text

In order to add an offset to text in Cricut Design Space, first go to the Text button and type up your wording. Next click on the text and use the font filter to choose the font you want to use. Now this is where the fun happens! Click on your text and hit the Offset button on the top panel. Then new Offset window will open up. The first one is Distance.

Distance in Offset

You will noticed under the word Distance in the Offset function there is a slider bar. This allows you to change the distance or the thickness of your offset or shadow on your font. I love that there is a little blue outline or offset preview on the text, as you can see in the image below. This allows you to visually see the size of that offset or shadow before you apply it. You can also adjust the offset by increments, so if you know you want your offset exactly 1/4″ all the way around the word you can do that!

offset in Cricut Design Space

Rounded or Squared Offset

The next section of Offset in Cricut Design space allows you to change between a curved or rounded offset to a more straight edge or squared off offset. The best way to show this is using the exact same font and showing in both ways. Look where the blue arrow is pointing at the word offset, right by the s. In this first image you will see that the offset on the s is very curved and rounded.

offset in Cricut Design Space

But if we switch over to the the straight corner offset, look a the difference. It is a nice crisp sharp angle. This is great that Cricut is allowing us the choice between a rounded and a straight offset! This means we can add so many more options to customize our crafting!

offset in Cricut Design Space

Weld Option with Offset

Last, I want to show you the Weld option. Weld joins anything that is touching/overlapping into one thing. If you have never used Weld before you can check out my video on welding letters HERE.

In all of the previous images I have been showing you, I had the Weld option checked. So scroll back up to my first picture, under the Distance section. See how the outline of the offset in Cricut Design Space is all connected together into one big piece. That is because I had the weld option turned on. In the picture below, I show you how this will look with weld off.

offset in Cricut Design Space

Personally, I am going to always leave the weld on for my offset in Cricut projects I make, but is it nice that we have the choice!

Offset curved text

I also discovered that you could do the offset in curved text. I did this with the yellow and green text in the image below.

CRICUT TIP! Curve the text BEFORE you add the offset!

offset in Cricut Design Space

You can also add the offset to images, like I did for the paw print image above. I am sure as I use the function more, I will think of other oppourtinities to use the function to Offset in Cricut projects, but some of the first ideas that came to mind include

Below is a video for you that covers the offset feature.

Leave me a comment and let me know how you plan to use offset in Cricut projects you make! Your idea or comment might turn into my next tutorial!

Troubleshooting Offset in Cricut Design Space

If you are experiencing problems with the new Offset feature, remember it is still in the beta testing stages. Also, it is only available on the computer version of Design Space and you have to have the correct computer system requirements. Verify that you are working in the New Cricut Design Space canvas, and not Classic. You can do this by going under the Setting in Design Space, which is in the pull down from the three little lines in the upper left corner. I show this in a tutorial HERE.

Another offset fix you can try is to right click on the Cricut Design Space application icon on your computer. This brings up a list of choices. Click on Properties at the bottom of the list. A new window will pop up that looks like the image below.

Cricut Design Space Properties

Click on the Compatibility tab and verify that none of the boxes are checked. If you need to uncheck anything, click Apply in the lower right corner.

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  1. I loved how you took us through each step and showed us the differences. Tips on using the curve before offset is one example. I was very impressed with your tutorial explaining offset and I will look to you in the future for my journey in Design Space. Thank you~ Brenda

    1. Thank you so much Brenda! I try to be very detailed in all of my tutorials, because I want me followers to really understand the Design Space software so that they can use it to it’s full potential. I am glad to have you as a new follower! Please let me know if you ever have any questions for me!

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