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Printable Magnet Sheets

Have you ever used printable magnet sheets? These are great way to make your own magnets! You can pick your favorite designs or photographs and then print them out from any inkjet printer for quick and easy DIY magnets!

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Supplies Needed

  • Inkjet Printer
  • Printable Magnet Sheets
    • I used the Glossy sheets from Stone City that you can purchase HERE. You can use coupon code ShawnMosch to save 15% off your order!
  • Scissors

You could also cut these magnet sheets with a die cutting machine like a Cricut or StarCraft Solo, but for this project I am just using my favorite pair of craft scissors. This would be a Print then Cut project if you are doing it with a die cutting machine.

Design your DIY Magnets

To get started on making your own magnets, you first have to pick the images you want on them. These could be photos you have taken, or you could design these like business cards to advertise your small business. You could even make your own magnets to make a special announcement like an upcoming wedding or the arrival of a new baby!

For my magnets I started with a blank Word document. I found some designs I liked online and saved them to my computer so that I could add them to the Word document. Because I wanted to use as much of the printable space as possible I set my layout for narrow margins. Once you have your designs set, you are ready to print.

Before You Print

Before you print out your magnet designs on the printable magnet sheets, I would print them out on standard paper. When you do this you can check that the images come out clear. For me, after my test print I discovered the design had lines running through it. This is a sign that you should clean your printer heads.

Also, make sure you know which way your paper feeds into and through your printer. If the printable magnet sheet will flip upside down when it feeds through the printer, make sure you put it in the printer tray with the black magnet side facing up.

Since I am using the Glossy finished sheets, I picked glossy paper from my printer preferences. I will show you the steps in the video below. After printing, I let the sheet sit just to make sure the ink would not smudge when I was touching the sheets.

I was really impressed with how quickly and easy I was able to create some cute magnets with these sheets! The printed so clean and cut so easy! I think next time I will try using them with my die cutting machine.

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