Santa Sack
Cricut santa sack

Santa Sack

Have you ever had to wrap a large odd shaped gift? This is something I have personally struggled with. I ended up going to the store and just buying a large gift bag. I have seen other people that have put a big pretty bow on a large garbage bag. But what about making a Santa Sack! This is something you could design and even personalize with the name of the person getting the gift. Let me show you how I did it.

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Pick Your Design

The first step is creating or picking your design for the bag. I found a lot of fun ones at Design Bundles, and I ended up going with the Santa Sack SVG File Bag Vol. 2 because it had several fun designs in it. If I wanted to I could even mix and match elements from multiple different designs in this group.

Santa Sack Designs

After I purchased this set of images, I was able to download it to my computer. I then went to my Downloads folder to find the file. All of the elements were contained inside of a zip folder, so I had to unzip that folder and extract the individual files. Once that is done, I could locate the actual svg file for the design I wanted to use. If you have never worked with a SVG file before, I have a tutorial that shows how to download, unzip or extract the files, and then upload the actual SVG file HERE.

Now that you have the design you want in Design Space, you can get ready to cut the vinyl. I measured my laundry bag that I am applying this image to so that I could verify the size that I needed to cut the image. I decided to go with 11.5″ wide, which is the largest that you can cut an image on the standard Cricut cutting mat.

Next, I selected everything all of the red parts for the top of the design, in the postage stamp looking circle, and clicked Attach. Attach holds the placement and position of things, so this ensures that none of these pieces will move around on the Cricut cutting mat.

attach colors in Design Space

When you look at the image above, you will see on the right side Layers panel that now all of those red parts say they are attached, which I point out with the blue arrow. The Attach button would be where the blue circle is in the lower right.

Cut the vinyl

Because I am going to be cutting this from iron on vinyl, I will need to mirror my image. This is because when you cut iron on vinyl, you are actually cutting through the back side of the vinyl. The front, which you place down on the cutting mat, is the clear carrier sheet portion. Now, if you are like me and often forget to click the little mirror button in Design Space here is a trick for you. Flip the entire image BEFORE you send it to the cutting mat!

flip horizontally in Design Space

That’s right, you can flip the entire image BEFORE you send it to the cutting mat! Just click on the Flip button, which I show in the image above in blue. Then Flip Horizontally. I do this for all of my designs that I know I will only be cutting from iron on vinyl.

After you cut out your design, weed away the excess vinyl with your weeding tool. If you are having a hard time seeing the cut lines, place a light source behind the design to help to see where the cuts are.

Lay out your design

Now that you have everything cut, with a project this big I like to lay out all of the pieces of the design. This allows you to look at the placement of the images for your Santa sack.

lay out your design before pressing

First I positioned the piece with Santa’s sleigh in the middle of the laundry bag. Since I was going to have to carry this into the other room where my Heat Press was, I taped down the corners with heat resistant tape. Then I used my ruler to make sure that the bottom portion of the design was straight and centered with the top portion of the design. I taped the lower portion of the design down too. Now when I went to press these, I could press the top design and just rotate the bag to press the bottom of the design. Please make sure that you are using a heat resistant tape when doing this. Otherwise you could end up with tape residue all over your project.

The two images below turned out kind of yellow. I think my lighting was picking up the yellow from the yellow from the tape. Sorry about that.

Press your Design

I used my Planet Flame heat press to press the design. Make sure to check your heat press and the type of vinyl you are using for the correct pressing time and temperature.

After those pieces were press, cooled and the carrier sheets were removed, it was easy to line up the Special Delivery portion right below the circle. Again, I taped these in place on the Santa Sack before pressing.

Santa Sack with iron on vinyl

The finished Santa Sack

Once the bag was finished, I placed a large pillow inside. There are draw string pulls so you can pull the bag closed. If you wanted to, you could even personalize these by adding the name of the child the gift is for to the bag.

Santa Sack

If you are looking to make these to sell at a craft show or online, I would suggest making up several of them ahead of time. You can sell them just like this at one price point, and then upsell if they want the Santa Sack personalized!

I would like to thank Heat Transfer Warehouse for partnering with my on this project. Make sure to head over to their site and tell them Shawn sent you!

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