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Sports Logo SVG

If you are a sports fan and a crafter, you have probably tried looking for a sports logo svg file. Let me help you find them, or create your own! No matter what sport logo you are looking for make sure that you remember you do not own these files and therefore cannot sell anything created with these files.

If your child plays a sport and you decide to take one of these NCAA SVG files to make something to wear for yourself, or make a sign to support the team, you probably will not get in trouble with anyone but since I am not a lawyer you should read through the information I have HERE about legal use of files.

Additionally, you might find some sports svg files for different teams on sites like Etsy, but please remember that those people selling those files do not own the rights to that image. They would have to get permission from the people who own the team or school that they created the file for.

Another way around the legal implications is to make more generic sports images. For example you could use a football svg file that just says Game Day with a football and do it in your favorite team’s colors.

Finding Sports Logo SVG Files

First off, before you start to look for any sports svg files you should understand the difference between an image and a svg file. When you go on the internet and look for things, most of the images you find will be a png or jpg style file. This is just an ordinary picture file, much like a picture you might snap with your camera or phone.

A SVG is something different. It contains data that will tell your die cutting machine important information about what to do. This is why when you upload a SVG file to the software for your cutting machine it will already upload with the correct colors and layers applied to it. It will also upload as a cut file automatically, because that is what a SVG is . . . a cutting file. I have more information on SVG files and how to use them HERE.

I created a video showing you what I look for when I am searching for sports svg files online to help you when you are searching.

Cannot find the sports logo SVG you want?

After you have used my tips to try and find a SVG file to support your favorite team, if you still cannot find one there is still hope! If you can find a high quality image of the logo you can try and used some software to turn it into a SVG file. I have more information about that process along with some different software programs I have used HERE.

You can also try to cheat the system by using a little Cricut hack I know about and create your own multi layered Cricut cutting file. To do this, look at the logo and count the colors in it. That will be the number of layers that you will need in the design. To learn more about layers you can click HERE.

Basically, you are going to upload your logo once for each color in the design. Focus on just that one color to create that layer. I go over that whole process in a tutorial HERE, where I show you how I made a University of Miami shirt for my daughter. Remember, these will not be SVG files, just layered Cricut cut files. There is no way to make a SVG file from Cricut Design Space.

Sports Logo SVG Files by State

I found a lot of sports SVG files on and The best way I could think of to organize this list of sports logo SVG files was by state. I did not want to have to make separate lists for football svg files, NCAA svg files and all of the various other sports svg files that could be out there.

This is in no way a comprehensive list of every sports logo svg file that exists, but I hope that from this list and the instructional tutorial I created you can learn how to search for and find your own files for your favorite sports team.

When I tried to make each logo a clickable link to each logo on the site it did not work, so instead I am going to list the entire https address for each file so you can access them. Highlight the https address and either copy and past that into a new browser or after you highlight it you should be able to right click and choose “go to . . . “

Another site where I found a lot of logos is, so when I could include a direct link to the logo in the list below I did. Additionally, sports log svg files found on will have working direct links in the list below.

Alabama SVG Files

  • Alabama Crimson Tide SVG

Alaska SVG Files

None found at this time

Arizona SVG Files

  • Arizona Coyotes SVG
  • Arizona Cardinals SVG
  • Arizona Diamondbacks SVG
  • Arizona Wildcats SVG
  • Arizona State SVG
  • Arizona State Sun Devils SVG
  • Old Arizona State University Logo SVG
  • Arizona Cardinals SVG
  • Northern Arizona Athletics SVG
  • University of South Arizona SVG
  • University of Arizona SVG

Arkansas SVG Files

  • University of Arkansas SVG

California SVG Files

  • San Jose Sharks SVG
  • Anaheim Ducks SVG
  • Los Angeles Kings SVG
  • Los Angeles Rams SVG
  • San Francisco 49’ers logo SVG
  • 49’ers SVG
  • 49’s saloon style wording SVG
  • Los Angeles Chargers SVG
  • University of California San Francisco SVG,_San_Francisco_logo.svg
  • University of California Los Angeles SVG,_Los_Angeles_logo.svg
  • University of California Berkley – Golden Bears SVG
  • University of California Berkley SVG,_Berkeley_logo.svg
  • University of Southern California (USC) SVG
  • University of Southern California – SC Logo SVG
  • University of Southern California Trojans SVG

The University of Southern California logo is actually pretty easy to re-create, and I have also created some items with the Fight On saying used at USC games. There is no trademark on the phrase Fight On, so that is why I did that saying and just did it in the USC school colors. Additionally I make the shirt for my daughter to wear and not to sell.

Colorado SVG Files

  • Colorado Avalanche SVG
  • Denver Broncos SVG
  • Colorado Rockies SVG

Connecticut SVG Files

  • University of Connecticut SVG

Delaware SVG Files

  • University of Delaware SVG
  • Delaware State University Hornets Logo SVG

Florida SVG Files

  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers SVG
  • Tampa Bay Lighting SVG
  • Florida Panthers SVG
  • Jacksonville Jaguars SVG
  • Miami Dolphins SVG
  • University of Miami SVG
  • University of Miami logo SVG

Georgia SVG Files

  • Atlanta Falcons SVG

Hawaii SVG Files

  • Hawaii Warriors Logo SVG

Idaho SVG Files

  • Idaho State University SVG

Illinois SVG Files

  • Chicago Bears SVG
  • Bears wording SVG
  • Chicago Blackhawks SVG

Indiana SVG Files

  • Indianapolis Colts Logo SVG
  • Colts wording SVG

Iowa SVG Files

None found at this time

Kansas SVG Files

  • Kansas State Wildcats SVG
  • University of Kansas Jayhawks SVG
  • Emporia State University E SVG

Kentucky SVG Files

  • University of Kentucky SVG

Louisiana SVG Files

  • New Orleans Saints Logo SVG
  • Saints wording SVG

Maine SVG Files

  • University of Maine SVG

Maryland SVG Files

  • Baltimore Ravens SVG

Massachusetts SVG Files

  • New England Patriots SVG
  • Boston Bruins SVG

Michigan SVG Files

  • Detroit Lions wording SVG
  • Detroit Red Wings SVG

Minnesota SVG Files

  • Minnesota Vikings SVG
  • All Purple Minnesota Vikings SVG
  • Minnesota Twins TC SVG
  • Minnesota Wild SVG
  • Minnesota Gophers SVG
  • Gold Minnesota Gophers SVG
  • St. John’s SVG
  • Old Minnesota Stars SVG
  • Old Minnesota North Stars SVG

Mississippi SVG Files

  • Mississippi State University SVG
  • Mississippi State Bulldogs SVG
  • Mississippi State Bulldogs Logo SVG
  • Ole Miss SVG

Missouri SVG Files

  • St. Louis Blues SVG
  • St. Louis Cardinals SVG
  • Kansas City Chiefs SVG
  • Chiefs wording SVG
  • Kansas City Royals Logo SVG
  • Missouri S&T SVG
  • Larger Missouri S&T Logo SVG
  • Northwest Missouri State University SVG
  • University of Missouri SVG
  • University of Central Missouri

Montana SVG Files

  • Montana State University SVG
  • University of Montana Griz SVG

Nebraska SVG Files

  • University of Nebraska – Omaha SVG

Nevada SVG Files

  • Vegas Golden Knights SVG
  • University of Nevada Logo

New Hampshire SVG Files

  • University of New Hampshire SVG

New Jersey SVG Files

New Mexico SVG Files

  • Eastern New Mexico SVG
  • Eastern New Mexico Logo SVG
  • University of New Mexico SVG
  • New Mexico Lobos SVG

New York SVG Files

  • New York Rangers SVG
  • Buffalo Sabres SVG
  • New York Islanders SVG
  • New York Giants SVG
  • Giants wording SVG
  • Buffalo Bills SVG
  • New York Jets wording SVG
  • New Mexico State Auggies SVG

North Carolina SVG Files

  • Carolina Panthers SVG
  • Carolina Hurricanes SVG

North Dakota SVG Files

  • University of North Dakota SVG
  • University of North Dakota Logo SVG

Ohio SVG Files

  • Columbus Blue Jackets SVG
  • Cincinnati Bengals logo SVG
  • Cincinnati Bengals wording SVG
  • Cleveland Browns wording SVG
  • Cleveland Browns SVG
  • Bowling Green Falcons SVG

Oklahoma SVG Files

  • University of Oklahoma SVG
  • Oklahoma State University Logo SVG
  • Oklahoma State University SVG

Oregon SVG Files

  • University of Oregon SVG
  • Oregon State University SVG
  • Oregon State Beavers SVG

Pennsylvania SVG Files

  • Philadelphia Eagles Logo SVG
  • Eagles wording SVG
  • Pittsburgh Steelers Logo SVG
  • Steelers wording SVG
  • Philadelphia Phillies P SVG
  • Philadelphia Phillies Logo SVG
  • Phillies SVG
  • Pittsburg Penguins SVG
  • Philadelphia Flyers SVG

Rhode Island SVG Files

  • Rhode Island Rams Logo SVG
  • University of Rhode Island SVG

South Carolina SVG Files

  • South Carolina Gamecocks SVG

South Dakota SVG Files

  • University of South Dakota SVG
  • South Dakota Coyotes SVG

Tennessee SVG Files

  • Tennessee Titans SVG
  • Nashville Predators SVG

Texas SVG Files

  • Dallas Cowboys SVG
  • Cowboys wording SVG
  • Dallas Stars Logo SVG
  • Texas Stars Logo SVG
  • Houston Astros Logo SVG
  • Astros in a heart SVG

Utah SVG Files

  • Utah State University SVG

Vermont SVG Files

  • Southern Vermont SVG

Virginia SVG Files

  • Virginia Tech SVG

Washington DC SVG Files

Washington SVG Files

  • Seattle Seahawks SVG
  • Washington Commanders SVG
  • Washington Commanders wording SVG

West Virginia SVG Files

  • West Virginia University SVG
  • West Virginia Mountaineers SVG

Wisconsin SVG Files

  • Green Bay Packers Logo SVG
  • Packers wording SVG

Wyoming SVG Files

  • University of Wyoming SVG

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