spring crafts flower pot gift card holder

Thank you for joining me for the Spring Crafts for Cricut Makers Summit 2023! When I think of spring crafts, the first thing I normally think of is flowers. Today I want to share with you a flower pot gift card holder that I designed.

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The inspiration for this project came from a coffee cup gift card holder I saw, which was created by Amy of Leap of Faith Crafting. I started to think about what other images could be turned into an extra special way to give someone a gift card. Since my mother loves flowers, I thought of the flower pot idea that turned in to this project just in time for Mother’s Day.

Flower Pot Gift Card Holder SVG Download

Spring Crafts Flower Pot Gift Card Holder Supply List

To make this flower pot gift card holder for the Spring Crafts for Cricut Makers Summit you will need the following supplies. When I could, I linked to the items I used to make shopping easier for you!

Gift Card Holder Tutorial

First you will want to download the Flower Pot Gift Card Holder SVG that I provided for this project. If you have never used a svg file before, I have more information on that topic HERE. The svg will be in a zipped folder which you will have to unzip in order to access the svg file. On my computer I can right click on the folder to Extract All, but the process can be different depending on the device you are working from.

Once you have the folder unzipped, you will upload the svg file. It will default right asking you to save it as a cut file. It will also come in fully layered and colored in. If you are going to cut the flowers and leaves from iron on vinyl, remember to mirror that portion of the design.

Place the first color on to the Cricut cutting mat and load it into the machine. Make sure that the sides of the cutting mat are going under the guides on the machine. Then you will press the double arrow button to load the mat. I like to hold on to the end of the mat while it is loading to make sure that the machine fully catches it and pulls it in.

Once the mat is loaded, the C button on the Cricut will start to blink. Press that and the machine will begin cutting the pieces for the first color out of cardstock. Once the Cricut is done cutting, you will press the double arrow button again to unload the cutting mat. Remove the cardstock from the mat, and you can use my tip HERE to help keep your cardstock from curling up.

Finish up by removing any scraps from the cutting mat, and then place the next color of cardstock on the mat. You can look at the screen in Design Space to see what color the machine will want to cut next. If you are using iron on vinyl for the flowers and leaves, remember to click that mirror button on the left side of the screen.

After everything is cut, it is time to start to put all of the pieces together. I am going to start by gluing the cardstock pieces together and then setting them aside while I work on weeding and pressing the iron on vinyl onto the black background piece. This will allow my glue time to really set up as I am pressing the iron on vinyl.

When pressing the iron on vinyl onto the cardstock you really do not need to press for that long. I would start with about 5 seconds, then you can check and see if things stuck down. If it does not stick you can press again. Place a piece of parchment paper over the top so that you do not burn anything. Apply one color at a time, and allow the cardstock to cool down between colors.

Once all of the vinyl has been pressed you can use some double sided tape to put the gift card on the long piece that will slide down inside the flower pot. When it slides all the way in, the brown piece that is the dirt will fit right in place. The leaves at the bottom of the bouquet will go over the front lip of the flower pot.

Add Dimension to your Gift Card Holder

If you want to take your gift card holder to the next level and add some dimension to it, you could use rolled paper flowers on top instead of doing the flat flowers. This really adds some pop to this project.

spring crafts flower pot gift card holder

If you want to learn more about making rolled paper flowers, make sure to check out my tutorial HERE.

Gift Card Holder Video

Since I know that a lot of people learn better by watching, I have done a video that shows the process for this whole project. Enjoy!

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