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One Day At a Time

I saw this image on Facebook the other day, and it was just what I needed to hear, as I was thinking about my Essure journey and Essure removal proceedure. This journey discovering that Essure was the true source of all of my pain and problems has been filled with highs and lows.  While it […]

The Next Step . . .

I am getting ready for removing Essure from my body once and for all. I had my appointment with Dr. Presthus at Minnesota Gynecology and Surgery yesterday.  I have to say, the staff there is SO NICE!  Dr. Presthus made me feel very comfortable right away, and I could tell he understood what was going […]


My Essure Story

Yesterday I posted about my recent discovery that the back pain issues I am having are related to the Essure procedure that I had done back in 2009.  I now want to journal my entire journey.  Looking back, I see that some of the issues I was having a YEAR ago are related to Essure […]