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Make it personal

I like to personalize gifts that I give. Here is a great way to take a simple gift like towels, and make it the gift that people will remember and talk about . . . personalize it! I have a sewing machine that also does embroidery, so when I get a wedding gift registry I […]

My luggage

I am still having so much fun reading the emails from people about how much they loved the Disney Pixar Blog Hop we did over the weekend.  So, to continue on that theme, I wanted to show you how I embellished my luggage. I have a Brother sewing and embroidery machine, and it came with […]


I love the images of butterflies. Here are two shirts that I did with the exact same image, using the exact same thread, but because of the color of the shirt that they were on they look very different. I like the purple one the best. Since the image was of a butterfly with one […]

Coffee Cozy

If you have been reading my blog in the past few days, you know that my daughter is playing hockey this year, and that I am having fun doing different craft projects with the hockey theme.  I have embroidered garment bags for their jerseys, made pins for the parents and made signs for the girls […]

Embroidery and Hockey

I have been saving the hockey projects that I have been working to share with you until after Christmas. My daughter just started playing hockey this year.  The team wanted to get garment bags to keep their jerseys in, and when we were looking at the cost of them I was shocked to see how […]