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Holiday Cards

Even though I make cards, I don’t make my Holiday Cards.  I never have the time to make the 30+ cards that I send out by hand.  But this year I found time to make a couple of cards for our new neighbors and I decided I would do a “two for one” kind of […]

MyCutSearch Tip

Q: I typed in the name of a cartridge and did not get any results.  Why? A:  That is because when you use the main search bar on the home page you need to search for an image, not a cartridge.  If you wanted to search for what cartridge has a butterfly, type in butterfly. […]

Searching for Flowers

Spring is in the air, and spring always makes me think of flowers.  Here is one thing that you should know when using MyCutSearch.com to find the images on your Cricut cartridges . . . drop the “s”. When we set up the website we had to assign search terms, or what is called “tagging” […]

Finding Images for Holidays

When looking for images to cut with your Cricut for holiday projects, like St. Patrick’s Day, do you go straight to your holiday themed Cricut cartridges or do you ever think to look at what images can be found in some of your OTHER cartridges? For example, there are several images that would be perfect […]

Winter Holidays

What would you do if you wanted to make a project for a winter holiday . . that means anything from Halloween to Valentine’s Day but you cannot use ANY Cricut holiday cartridges? That is exactly the challenge going on right now at  http://scrapbookerphd.blogspot.com/ Let me show you what I would do.  I would start […]

MyCutSearch Tips

I like to turn questions from people who use our site, MyCutSearch.com, into tips.  I figure if one person is asking the question then others probably want to know also!  Here are some recent ones Question: I find that after you type in your search subject, it very time consuming to click on every page […]