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Hockey Scrapbook

I created a hockey digital scrapbook this past year that I gave copies to my husband, his Dad, my Dad and my Grandfather for Father’s Day.  I was inspired by some photos I found on Pinterest  When I saw this I thought “Wouldn’t it be cool to do some pictures like that with MY DAUGHTER!”  […]

Hockey puck labels

My daughter plays hockey, and sometimes when the kids have a really good game the Coach will give them the Puck of the Game. I created these labels in the My Memories digital scrapbook software for some of the pucks my daughter has gotten. Once I had the basic template, I could just copy the […]

Where to start?

My daughter is playing hockey for the second year this year, and at the parent meeting they asked for people to volunteer to do different tasks . . . one of the tasks was to be in charge of the team yearbook, so I volunteered for that. Once I did I started thinking “How am […]

Digital Scrapbooking

Have any of you ever done digital scrapbooking?  If so, do you still also do “traditional” scrapbooking or have you converted over to just doing digital? I am playing around with some digital scrapbooking software from My Memories. I like that there are a lot of free kits with papers and embellishments that you can […]