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I have been working on a project with one of my daughter’s former teachers that features adhesive backed fabric.  I brought this product to the school to show the teacher and she LOVED IT and how it can stick to anything with out damaging the surface.  She teaches elementary aged children and she has a problem with […]


Cute Little Ghosts

I had the CUTEST idea for creating holiday decorations with the printable adhesive backed fabric. . . instead of printing on it, let’s stamp on it!. I used a small scrap of the adhesive backed fabric that I had left over from another project, and cut some ghost shapes out.  I just used a pair of scissors, but […]



If you are a follower of my blog, you KNOW that I LOVE DISNEY!  Did you know that I have always wanted to dress up as Tinkerbell for Halloween?  I always thought that it would be a perfect costume for myself back in the high school and college days . . . I was petite […]