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Vikings Coffee Sleeve

As some of you know, I have said that the Vikings usually play better when I am scrapbooking, crafting or shopping. Here is a project I did one Sunday while my husband was watching the game. I used the cardboard sleeve that comes around the coffee cup as a pattern.  This one turned out a […]

Crafting with the Stars

I just heard about this event . . . Crafting with the Stars. If you think you have what it takes to craft along side the blog star line up, then get in your craft room and start creating!  You have until Friday, October 15th to submit your creations.  From the people that enter, 12 […]

It’s cold!

Maybe it is because it is so cold out, or maybe I am just going through a “creative block”, but since I finished the Christmas Tree Skirt project I just have not felt very creative.  (maybe I am just tired from the holidays) So, today let’s look at something from another crafter.  Going along with […]