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Blogging Tips – Watermarks

I watermark all of my photos.  I know a lot of people don’t believe in this, but after having my work showcased on other sites and then sometimes seeing credit given to another crafter I will always believe in watermarking my photos. So how do you get a pretty watermark? I purchased mine for $2 […]

MyCutSearch Tip

Q: I typed in the name of a cartridge and did not get any results.  Why? A:  That is because when you use the main search bar on the home page you need to search for an image, not a cartridge.  If you wanted to search for what cartridge has a butterfly, type in butterfly. […]

Searching for Flowers

Spring is in the air, and spring always makes me think of flowers.  Here is one thing that you should know when using MyCutSearch.com to find the images on your Cricut cartridges . . . drop the “s”. When we set up the website we had to assign search terms, or what is called “tagging” […]

Finding Images for Holidays

When looking for images to cut with your Cricut for holiday projects, like St. Patrick’s Day, do you go straight to your holiday themed Cricut cartridges or do you ever think to look at what images can be found in some of your OTHER cartridges? For example, there are several images that would be perfect […]